2019 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards

Page 14 www.lux-review.com LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019 Nothing beats the feel of a beautifully-knitted garment that fits like a glove, looks amazing, and is crafted using sustainable practices and methods. Bangladesh-based firm Fakir Fashion are a vertical knit-wear manufacturer that have been doing just that for the last ten years. Creating classic styles of tees, polos, hoodies, sweat shirts, knit-pants, joggers, and sleep suits, the firm are responsible for some truly outstanding designs and fabrics that are both fashionable and functional. Manufacturing knitwear is one thing, but Fakir Fashion incorporate all aspects of their production methods in-house at a factory on a small campus. Producing, dyeing, printing, embroidering and washing all their own fabrics, everything is made in-house to guarantee the same level of exceptional quality is felt in every piece that is eventually shipped out to shop brands across the world. Working alongside major clients, the company deliver outstanding products for some of the biggest premium and fashion segments in the world today. Before production even begins however, Fakir Fashion employ their own in-house design team to guide any design process and ensure that expertise is being maximised to its fullest potential. For clients that work alongside Fakir Fashion, they know they are partnering with a firm that is savvy to the world’s happenings around them. Fashion and functionality no longer have to go mutually exclusive from one another, or indeed from sustainable practices that are benefitting the planet. Based in Bangladesh, Fakir Fashion has rapidly risen in the last ten years to become the nation’s leading best sustainable fashion brand, offering clothing that is amazing in every aspect. Discover more about this firm’s success across a ten-year history as we catch up with them following their win in LUX Life’s Fashion and Lifestyle Awards. Best Sustainable Fashion Brand - Bangladesh By preparing to meet future demand, engaging in capital investment, and placing enormous focus on sustainable practices and climate issues, this firm are spearheading the fashion industry’s push for more environmentally-friendly practices. A true pioneer in the region and market, Fakir Fashion adds value to partners’ portfolios as a certifiable ethical supplier. In fashion, nothing less than the latest trends will do for many people. In order to ensure that their fabrics and designs stay relevant to the most up-to-date trends, the team at Fakir Fashion travel to iconic fashion destinations across the world, and routinely meet with designers. Knowing that trends can change in an instant, one of the firm’s greatest strengths is their ability to work fast, delivering consistently high-quality products at a rapid rate. As with almost every industry and market across the world now, technology is becoming an increasingly vital part of manufacturing and service for Fakir Fashion. Familiarising themselves with world-class manufacturing technology, the firm’s factory also houses stat- of-the-art hardware and software to continue complementing operations across the whole business. Looking to the future, as all good fashion firms should, Fakir Fashion understand that online e-commerce is rapidly becoming a more favourable option for many shoppers today than journeying out to a store. The firm are also keenly aware of disposable fashion and fast fashion becoming more popular, and know that they have to continue meeting market demand for their highly attractive and functional clothing. Weaving together style and sustainability, Fakir Fashion is paving the way for clothing manufacturers to become more ethical and environmental in the way they conduct business. Recycling, reusing, sourcing ethical suppliers, and creating top-quality clothing; what’s not to love? Company: Fakir Fashion Ltd. Contact: Fakir Kamruzzaman Nahid Website: www.fakirfashion.com

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