2019 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 9 LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019 Created in 2009 and inspired by Tori’s passion for art and design, Tori Nicole® is the result of her long fascination with travel, language and culture. In the beginning, Tori sought to create innovative handbags that were truly en-vogue and would be both functional and beautiful for the adventurous couture. The first bag she ever crafted was the “Amelia” clutch, named in honour of her seamstress maternal great grandmother. Today the brand’s accessories invoke a variety of traditional and vintage styles, paired with an innovative flair that is unique to Tori Nicole®. The result is wearable, enriched products that transcend the throw- away, trend-driven fashion industry and are completely timeless. To this very day each item in the brand’s collections are personally designed by Tori herself so that she can ensure the highest possible standards of quality and innovation in all the designs she presents to her esteemed clients. Clutches abound in Tori’s collection as she aims to pair luxurious natural patterns and textures with modern practically to craft bags that the modern spirited woman can enjoy. These stunning bags have been featured in a range of renowned luxury clothing magazines, including British Vogue, the Boston Voyager and Local Magazine. With the future stretched out in front of it, Tori Nicole® has the potential to rise into even Thanks to the creativity of its Founder and Namesake, Tori Nicole Sadler, accessories brand Tori Nicole® has become renowned for its bold collections and quirky style inspired by international travel. In celebration of the brand’s success in our 2019 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards we profile it and offer an insight into how far it has come over the past decade since it first began. Tori Nicole® Best Women’s Accessories Retailer 2019 - Southern USA greater prominence over the coming years thanks to its sumptuous designs, colourful patterns and focus on handcrafting designs that are creative yet universally beautiful. Company: Tori Nicole® Contact: Tori Nicole Sadler Website: https://torinicole.com/

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