LUX February 2017

LUX - February 2017 15 Grape Experiences Grape Experiences was founded in the autumn of 2011, after Cindy decided to blend her two great loves, wine and writing, with her years of teaching experience. “I feel that my passion for the subject of wine rings true,” she comments. “I completed the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 before starting Grape Experiences, and subsequently attained Level 3 within seven months of its inception; the professional wine education from WSET continues to be invaluable. My intention in writing about wine is to inform, entertain, and influence others, whether it is a newcomer to wine or the seasoned swirler. “At this time, I am the sole writer at Grape Experiences and am responsible for all writing, editing, technology, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media presence. I have also welcomed several outstanding guest bloggers in the past, who have been given the chance to write about their own unique wine experiences.” The blog has since reached an international readership that is savvy and sophisticated when it comes to wine. “They delight in the stories behind the wine, the stories that educate and inspire,” Cindy says. An immediate plan that Cindy has for the future of Grape Experience is to add one or two regularly contributing writers. She stresses that they ought to reflect a different perspective to her own, an element that is especially important for the future of the blog. Yet, as Grape Experiences attains greater and greater exposure across the industry, Cindy understands the challenge of staying ahead of the technological curve to assist her in the delivery of informative content. “I regularly attend webinars and seminars about SEO, food photography, wine photography, producing quality videos, and on building my mailing list,” she says. “Wine knowledge is ongoing – I can never learn enough. Traveling, attending master classes, trade tastings, seminars, online chats, and wine dinners as well as meeting winemakers and others in a one to one setting are exhilarating. “I would also love to have the opportunity to travel to unique wine regions: Sicily, Greece, lesser known regions in Europe, Eastern Europe, South Africa, China, New Zealand, and Australia are just a few on my wish list! Currently, I’m outlining an e-course that will meet the needs of every wine lover; it will be launched in 2017. In five years, Cindy sees herself as having a solid team devoted to writing even more engaging stories that appeal to every wine lover. For those who consider wine a luxury, something to be savoured and appre- ciated deeply, then Grape Experiences, a wine blog written by Cindy Rynning of Wheaton, Illinois, is there to offer such an indulgence. From the reviews of premier wines from around the world to recaps of exclusive wine events, from recommendations for exquisite food and wine pairings to fascinating accounts of wine travel and intriguing interviews with winery owners, winemakers, and other “movers and shakers” in the wine industry, Grape Experiences is con- sidered a go-to source. Grape Experiences Company: Grape Experiences Contact: Cindy Rynning Email: cin[email protected] Website: Address: PO Box 5172, Wheaton, IL USA 60189 “They delight in the stories behind the wine, the stories that educate and inspire.”