Food & Drink Awards 2017

LUX - Food & Drink Awards 2017 55 Best Olive Based Products Supplier 2017 - USA & LUX Excellence Award for Olive Products 2017 The Tassos Group, LLC. is a family owned and operated business dedicated to creating exceptional olive oils and olive oil based products. We profile the firm to learn more and spoke to Founder Tassos Chronopoulos to learn more. Company: Tassos Enterprises Contact: Barbara Randolph Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 2 Mid America Plaza, 510, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181, USA Phone: 18004827767 Website: In 1996, The Tassos Group started selling just two Greek olives oils. Today, they are the No. 1 exporter of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Olives and Olive-based foods world-wide. Tassos Chronopoulos, President & CEO, believes much of this success is due to being a family-owned company. “We possess, almost at the DNA level, a sense of stewardship and responsibility, not just towards to the communities where we live and operate, but towards what people eat and where their food comes from. Our expansion onto the global stage is due to our focus on quality and ethics. “We made a conscious ethical and strategic choice to stand above the fraudulent environment often seen in the olive oil sector. Our aim is to increase olive oil consumption through restored confidence in quality and promoting food for health. Promoting health is what inspires us to pursue the cultivation practices, olive varieties and locations that result in the highest antioxidants and robust taste in our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. A similar valuation for healthy conditions is the basis of our low-impact organic farming practices, and that choice has been rewarding.” Mr. Chronopoulos states he is proud of his company’s innovations. “We have many firsts under our belt – we were the first to Double Stuff an olive, first to pit the Kalamata olive and first to take gourmet quality Greek foods from the international grocery store aisle to the mainstream at affordable prices. But two other firsts moved the bar up for all olive oil producers. We were the first to declare the Oleic Acidity percentage center stage on the front of our olive oil labels to assure the consumer of the true Extra Virgin status, and we were the first to stamp the expiration date on our olive oils.” Tassos Chronopoulos goes on to announce, “Now we have reached the acme of Extra Virgin Olive Oils with another first, the bottling of the world’s first Organic Protected Designation of Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in the world. This oil is both fantastically delicious and supremely healthy.” There are four distinguished offerings of Tassos ® Extra Virgin Olive Oils available. The Tassos Group is a trail blazing company and the company’s president states: “one significant path we took was the decision to keep or olives healthy. We only hand-harvest to ensure that bruising doesn’t negatively impact the taste and nutritional content but we also use an old-world curing method of naturally fermenting our olives in fresh spring water and 5% sea salt. We never add harsh chemicals or use mined salt, which is often polluted with contaminates. “Besides our line of big, crunchy olives, we have developed a line of delicious and culinarily versatile olive-based bruschettas and spreads. All our foods combine and fuse so well with all cultural dishes. “We do have challenges and there are rapid changes in the food industry. Yet, we have found that by keeping to the basic tenets of enjoyment, respect and pleasure in food, we meet these successfully. One thing that is to our advantage is producing and developing Greek food for the world market. “Greek cuisine was the forerunner of all western cuisine and had tremendous culinary influence throughout Europe. It is the mother of the Mediterranean diet. It allows for creativity and innovation. It is like a luscious indulgence with health benefits. “While that is said, it is a challenge to promote a greater appreciation of the importance of regional and specialty foods. Our response to challenges is to maintain our resolve to only participate in the healthiness of wholesome, vibrant foods and we want our consumers to know where their food comes from and make informed choices.” Their company headquarter is located in the Chicago, Illinois where they believe it is an ideal hub for an educated and dynamic work force. Chicago, IL is part of the Central Plains of the United States, where it can easily receive and distribute their food products. Mr. Chronopoulos speaks about family businesses as unusual business entities because of their commitments to quality and humanity in the “...we want our consumers to know where their food comes from andmake informed choices.” workplace. “We care about and have concern for our employees—we liken our work force to that of our extended family. If family operated businesses are unusual in that regard, then we are happy to be so.” Tassos Chronopoulos sums up, “Simply put, we never cut corners when it comes to the food we sell. We walk the walk. We believe that what we eat determines our health. We believe that what we eat decides the health of our planet. So, when you put our food into your mouth, you know you are eating wholesome food and you know where and how the food came to be on your plate.”