Food & Drink Awards 2017 68 LUX - Food & Drink Awards 2017 FO170049 Specialty Café of the Year - Kuala Lumpur Established in 2012, Bali-Alm has produced a variety of dairy products since its inception, and has rapidly grown its offices, adding new rooms every year to fulfil the needs of more space and adapt to meet the required hygienic requests. Located in Jimbaran Puri Gading, this is an ideal spot to deliver to hotels and restaurants based around Indonesia. Christoph provides us with an overview of the company, talking about customer service and the award-winning cheeses it produces. “Having started small as most companies do, we first started producing our products inside a kitchen. Nowadays, Bali-Alm has the capacity of storing several tons of cheese in the cheesecakes. “Regarding the customer, the team at Bali-Alm always aims to satisfy the needs of our customers, so that we produce goods to the highest standards possible expected of us. An example of this would be Paneer Cheese or Hartzer Cheese, a German specialty which is not that well known outside of Germany. Flexibility is the key to our success, so we try to build all production process as flexible as possible, ensuring we can meet the customers’ needs.” Best Dairy Products Provider – Indonesia & LUX Excellence Award for Blue Cheese Production - Indonesia Bali-Alm is a leading producer of dairy, with a firm focus on crème yoghurt and camembert. Christoph Kaffanke tells us more about the dairy production company. Company: CV Purnama Desak Contact: Christoph Kaffanke Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Jl Bukit Bintang 18a, 80361 Jimbraran Puri gading, Bali, Indonesia Phone: 0062 82146380112 Website: FO170081 Bali-Alm and its team are highly innovative in the way that they produce their products, and innovation is the key aspect of its success. Every year, the firm is developing new flavours of yoghurt, and within five years, the team has produced around 15 different yoghurt tastes. Its most recent flavour of orange curd and lemon curd flavours has gone down a treat, however it is the company’s award winning blue cheese, calabres, which really stands out from the rest, and is constantly requested by luxurious hotels. It is the constant rate of production and impressive quality of the products produced which makes the company stand out, as Christoph notes. “The food and drink industry is becoming increasingly competitive and is constantly growing, particularly in regard to dairy products, and it is not east for a small company to be successful with all the big companies hovering. There are companies from Germany, America and New Zealand which are constantly entering the market with more money than us, but our innovation and consistency is key to us establishing ourselves as a company.” “Furthermore, the staff at Bali-Alm produce the cheese out of passion, and the team has a wealth of experience in learning how to produce excellent food, within the food industry. Even today, after over 30 years’ experience, the owner still checks every cheese that is produced and made in the cheese cake. We are a small company, so there is not a budget for all the technology required, and so the process is done by humans, ensuring that the only best products are produced. However, the team ensure that all the relevant health and safety standards are met and exceeded, and there are no comprises taken in order to save money. The overall target of the company is 100% satisfaction, and this is what makes the company unique from the rest.” Regarding the future of Bali-Alm, Christoph notes that dairy companies and the industry is still relatively young within Indonesia, and he is excited about the endless possibilities that the firm still have to explore. There is a new cheese in store for around Christmas time, and there seems to be a lot of positivity buzzing around the company. “Essentially, Indonesia in terms of dairy, is still learning and there are endless possibilities within the industry. Starting from production of the supplies until the finished product, we ensure excellence and make sure every step is taken with the utmost care. What we can say is that for Christmas, we have made a new cheese in cooperation with a big wine producer in Bali.”