Food & Drink Awards 2017

LUX - Food & Drink Awards 2017 79 Best Food Nutrition Social Media Specialist 2017 – New South Wales Healthy gf Asian provides a wide range of recipes including gluten free Asian desserts, Chinese, Japanese, Singaporean, Thai and many more. Daphne outlines the aims of her blog in more detail and highlights how she works to support her readers. “Healthy gf Asian was created to educate, inform, share my recipes and provide healthy and tasty options to people on restricted diets, and as such are my recipes not only gluten free but allergy friendly as well. The majority of my Asian recipes are authentic traditional recipes plus new original recipes created based on naturally gluten free food like lean meat, poultry, seafood, nuts and seeds, legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables. All the recipes are carefully selected, organized and presented online including triple tested recipes, food history, food nutrition and food photography. This is in order to inspire people to eat well despite being on a restricted diet.” “Fundamentally, I focus on encouraging them to eat a balanced diet based on healthy food choices. Many of my readers are people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders plus parents of children with behavioural Best Food Nutrition Social Media Specialist 2017 – New South Wales Healthy gf Asian is an innovative lifestyle blog offering healthy Asian recipes and support for those seeking to achieve and maintain a balanced diet. We spoke to creator Daphne Goh to gain an insight into the content she creates and how this influences her readers from around the world. Company: Healthy gf Asian Contact Name: Daphne Goh Contact Email: [email protected] Website: FO170091 problems. Furthermore, many readers just want to eat healthier to improve their health and wellbeing.” The food market is constantly evolving, and gluten free meals are increasingly popular as consumers look to their health. Daphne talks us through the developments she has noticed in the market since starting Healthy gf Asian and how she has adapted around these. “Within the global food market, since starting my blog/ website nearly three years ago consumers have become increasingly focused on nutritional values, varieties, look and taste of gluten free food, rather than just gluten free ingredients. Additionally, consumers are more engaged with value and health benefits of gluten free and free- from foods. I have extended my gluten free recipes to include other free from healthy food trends for wider audience.” “Overall, the global gluten free food market is highly competitive and disintegrated with a few large and small wholesalers with swift technological transformations. They compete based on status, value, quality, invention, advertising and service. Likewise, gluten free food blogging platform is quite saturated and competitive. I differentiate my blog/website from other competitors by focussing on gluten free and free-from innovative and quality Asian food recipes “niche”. Together with illustrious food photography, food history and food nutrition details meticulously curated for each recipe. I also leverage the use of social media for advertising.” Looking to the future, as an informative blog operating in a growing and constantly evolving market, Daphne foresees growth for Healthy gf Asian. “Since I created it, my blog has been promoting and will continue to expand on healthy eating by featuring gluten free, vegan, paleo and other free-from recipes. Sourcing sustainable ingredients is what I have been doing and will persist in doing so. In 2018, I will also look at releasing meal plans and innovative recipes that will reduce food wastes.” “Longer term, I will be looking at extending my recipes to include Western cuisines, publishing eCookbooks, establishing an online store, a new, more detailed and separate food nutrition section and making cooking videos. These developments will provide me with many exciting new opportunities.”