Food & Drink Awards 2017

LUX - Food & Drink Awards 2017 9 Best Barbecue Restaurant 2017 - Thessaloniki Famous for handmade gyros and Thessaloniki’s soutzoukakia (BBQ meatballs), Nea Diagonios attracts a vast array of clients, from locals to city visitors. Here guests can expect to encounter the Prime Minister, actors, and celebrities, as well as their neighbours and friends. Ioannis discusses how the establishment aims to offer the very highest quality dishes possible to keep guests coming back for more. “Here at Nea Diagonio, we aim to source the very highest quality products and ingredients to ensure that our guests always enjoy their meal. We prefer to use small producers, as they always have the excellent quality control and quality, natural products. Training our chefs and staff is crucial so that we always receive Excellent ratings in all inspections and have a high level of hygiene in our kitchen. “Operating in such a highly competitive market, we learned early on that we needed to stand out to succeed. As such, we try to offer our customers products and services that are difficult to find in another restaurant. This is what marks us out as a great option for a meal and draws our customers back again and again.” Best Barbecue Restaurant 2017 - Thessaloniki Nea Diagonios is a historical restaurant in Thessaloniki which is renowned for its sumptuous meat dishes. Chef Ioannis Chantakis tells us more about the restaurant and how it works to provide diners with a truly authentic Greek dining experience. Company: Nea Diagonios Contact: Ioannis Chantakis Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 89 Nik. Plastira, Kalamaria, Greece Phone: 00302 3100 29085 Website: FO170003 Ultimately, the future looks exciting for Nea Diagonios as the restaurant seeks to provide new and innovative dishes that will meet its clients’ ever evolving tastes, as Ioannis is pleased to conclude. “Within the restaurant business recently, we have noticed a trend towards alternative diets, including a surge in diners requesting gluten free options. At Nea Diagonios, we are always looking to adapt our offering to meet our clients’ needs, and therefore we will be adding a gluten free option to our menu shortly.” “...we have noticed a trend towards alternative diets, including a surge in diners requesting gluten free options.”