LUX Food & Drink Awards 2016

LUX - Food & Drink Awards 2016 11 Established in 1995, Tassos prides itself on creating the freshest, most delectable products on the market, and as such every item across the firm’s extensive range carries Tassos® seal, which acts as a stamp of quality. The firm specialise in providing products which are of artisan, handcrafted quality or better, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, as much of the eating is done with the eyes. As such the firm has created a range of beautiful bottles, jars and tins which are so beautiful they are almost works of art. Famed for its olives, Tassos sells many different varieties, all of which are joined by the same care goes into every product, and as such any blemished olive is immediately discarded. Handpicked from the family’s vistas of olive groves in the wind swept countryside outside of Salonica, these olives are selected for size and quality, and are inspected twice after the curing process, which is a traditional method designed to preserve the olives natural variations in colour. In addition, the group offers a selection of olive oils which are also created and bottled on their estate, and are never blending in order to preserve their rich, individual flavour. Pressed from the carefully handpicked, unripe Koroneiki olives on the island of Crete, every bottle of olive oil is rich in flavour, the deepest green in colour and full of aroma. With five Kilos of Koroneiki olives go into every litre of Tassos olive oil it is no wonder that these luxurious oils have been awarded the seal of Protected Designated Origin (P.D.O) which was awarded by the European Union to designate a product as a true bastion of quality which can only be produced from a certain region. Olive Products Company of the Year - USA The Tassos Group LLC is a family owned and operated business which prides itself on offering the highest possible quality olives, spreads, oils and condiments all of which are bursting with rich, vibrant Mediterranean flavour. We profile the firm and explore the range of delicious products it provides. Olive Products Company of the Year - USA Olive products feature heavily across the firm’s range, as it also offers a selection of tapenades (known as bruschettas) and other spreads featuring their luscious olives of which the firm is (rightfully) incredibly proud. The versatile bruschettas are made of a base of olives and Tassos Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with each flavour adapting the addition of natural vegetables, spices, herbs or cheese to create a unique spread that can be used to complement sandwiches, omelettes, pizza, pasta or vinaigrettes and which also serve as excellent appetizers all by themselves. Although olives are the backbone of the firm’s offering, it has also created a selection of marmalades and preserves from a range of fruits including citrus, figs, berries and cherries These luscious spreads can be used as toppings on pancakes, waffles, toast, yogurt, ice cream and cheeses, and are exceptional ingredients for baking breads, cookies and cakes. For those seeking a more savoury jarred preserve, the firm also offers a range of cocktail onions which are bursting with flavour, indulgent cheese stuffed Florinas peppers and an indulgent selection of pasta sauces which are designed to create the perfect Mediterranean feast. Ultimately the Tassos family has created a solid infrastructure for the sourcing, production and distribution of Tassos products from the Mediterranean and has developed strong domestic and international alliances throughout the world, all founded on the same principles of education, hospitality and dedication to quality performance. Throughout this journey the family has not forgotten humble beginnings, and as such has remained true to their ongoing mission: to be the premier brand of uncompromising quality, yet affordably priced products. Company: The Tassos Group LLC Address: Two Mid America Plaza, STE 520, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 Phone: 1-800-4-TASSOS Email: Customer_Service@ Website: The Tassos Group LLC “Ultimately the Tassos family has created a solid infrastructure for the sourcing, production and distribution of Tassos products from theMediterranean”