LUX Food & Drink Awards 2016

LUX - Food & Drink Awards 2016 19 Best Global ‘Out of Home’ Food Service Company 2016 & LUX Excellence Award for Inflight Catering 2016 Newrest have an extensive network of bases around the UK, providing unrivalled access to both regional and major hub airports to support the firm’s wide customer network, which includes BA, Cityflyer, bmi, Flybe, Turkmenistan Airlines, Eastern Airways, and Shaheen Airways. Working with such a wide variety of clients means that the firm has to offer a diverse range of products, covering many of the leading high street brands, as Raymond outlines. “Due to the variety of customers we work with it is imperative that we are able to offer a selection of products, helping us to ensure that we always meet the client’s needs. Whilst in contract with our suppliers we will always monitor their standards but also continually monitor the industry trends and use these trends to work with all our suppliers to over achieve and deliver. Best Global ‘Out of Home’ Food Service Company 2016 & LUX Excellence Award for Inflight Catering 2016 Newrest All Ltd are a catering company specialising in the travel industry. We caught up with General Manager Raymond Kiersey to learn more about the firm’s approach and how this has helped it to achieve its current success. Company: Newrest All LTD Name: Raymond Kiersey Email: [email protected] Address: Studio 45, 55 Riverside Building, Trinity buoy Wharf, London Phone: 07469250297 FO160010 “This is particularly crucial as customers are becoming more discerning, appreciating both quality but also value for money. We constantly monitor trends, as our main business is airline related we monitor both what the other airline catering companies are doing but also what is happening in the terminals and high street. Airport terminals through the country are quickly developing into retail outlets, offering not only fantastic variety of shops but food outlets that would not be out of place in many of our high streets, and therefore we have to constantly adapt in order to stay competitive.” This dynamic and innovative strategy will be the firm’s ongoing focus, as Raymond concludes. “Moving forward, we are constantly looking to expand our business not just with airlines but other forms of the travel industry. As we evolve in this competitive market place we are always looking to improve and push ahead within our industry, thus giving our customers a fantastic experience both on service and commercial levels. “Ultimately, Newrest is evolving as a company, as it is geared towards always ensuring that we achieve and exceed our customer needs. We are always looking to bring to the market place new products and processes which works for both the passengers but also gives our customers marketing collateral to promote their own brand alongside our innovative products.”