Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 11 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Sep19187 Petromax is a leading manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living. With a focus on offering the best service to their customers, online and offline, we discover how Petromax has become established as one of the best outdoor cooking specialists in Germany. Petromax GmbH: Best Outdoor Cooking Product Specialists – Germany Combining tradition and innovation in a unique way, Petromax’s products are of the highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details. The core focus of Petromax’s products is for consumers to experience raw nature with traditional, yet well-designed equipment. Grilling and cooking outdoors is always a very special experience and one which reflects the firm’s own roots. With proven approaches around fire and light, the greatest passion for the products and the enthusiasm of the customers, the traditional brand Petromax builds on a solid foundation. Going into further detail, Jonas and Dr. Pia Christin Taureck from Petromax inform us of the ways in which the company ensures that the team achieves excellence in the services they provide. “The Petromax team feels encouraged every day to contribute so that adventurers and globetrotters can continue to come together in the future to cook at the fire and share their experiences. Petromax relies on proven and robust materials to ensure consistently high quality through innovative combinations. Everything developed by Petromax is made with the premise that it is good only if it is resistible, robust and durable.” With more than 50 employees at the firm’s headquarter in Magdeburg who share the same passion for what the company is doing, Jonas Taureck highlights the significant role the team plays in the overall success of Petromax. “In order to ensure that everyone is well-informed, we use modern means of communication or we gather around the Griddle and Fire Bowl – depending on the topic and story. All team members treat each other with due respect and meeting one another at eye level.” With everyday life becoming stressful and fast-moving, more people are drawn to explore nature. Petromax is the perfect companion on outings into nature with unique taste experiences. Recently, Petromax has extended its portfolio in Summer/Autumn 2019 with further products around enjoying campfire and outdoor adventures, e.g. clothing made of loden or passive cooling systems, as Dr. Pia Christin Taureck is keen to reveal. “The passive Cool Box in two sizes is a complement to the Petromax product world which provides for more independence on outdoor adventures. The Cool Boxes kx25 and kx50 work completely without electricity and generator, thus enabling independence amongst adventurers outdoors. Due to the double walled construction and a PU insulation ice remains cool for up to 12 days. That is why the Cool Box is the ideal companion for all who are on the way across country and do not want to do without fresh food and cold drinks. Also our new range of outdoor clothing made of loden complements our portfolio in a great way. Loden is considered to be the oldest outdoor fabric in the world and very resistant to all weather fluctuations. With the active clothing, everyone who likes to be outdoors is always properly dressed – whether for micro adventures, hiking, trekking or bushcraft tours.” At the beginning of the 20th century the Petromax high-pressure lamp HK500 was designed to last for generations. Cast and wrought-iron pans were already used hundreds of years ago and so today, due them being robust and durable. Today, society focuses on values that Petromax has represented from their inception. This strengthens the company for the future, since they are happy that their customers perceive and appreciate the products Petromax has on offer. Contact: Jonas & Dr. Pia Christin Taureck Company: Petromax GmbH Address: Sudenburger Wuhne 61, 39116 Magdeburg, Germany Telephone: (Nicole Schaber, PX Press) +49 (0)40 688 920 855 Web Address: