Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 14 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Offering the finest artisan and bespoke chocolate for chocoholics everywhere, The New Chocolate Company in Scotland use only the best ingredients from across the world. With mouth- wateringly tasty chocolate, LUXLife examined the firm to learn more about their recipe for success as one of the country’s best emerging artisan chocolatiers. The New Chocolate Company Limited: Best Emerging Artisan Chocolatiers 2019 - Scotland With many chocolatiers around the world creating a wealth of wonderful products, it can be hard to stand out. Amongst the more than 90 chocolatiers in Scotland alone, TNCC has quickly become one of the country’s best for artisan chocolate. Using the finest cocoa from around the world in their products, the small team are constantly experimenting with new and different products to keep things interesting for clients and customers. All of the delicious chocolate products offered by TNCC are freshly handmade to order. Technology is not used throughout the chocolate-making process, and is instead reserved for keeping records. This way, the team can ensure that the same level of care and attention to detail goes into every single piece of luxury chocolate. With high production standards, the team are always ensuring that the finished product is one that they are truly happy with. If it is anything less that chocolate perfection that the client will be pleased with, then that product is simply not sold. Employing only five workers, the team of artisan chocolatiers work closely together to ensure a tight-knit community that creates some of Scotland’s finest chocolate. Each and every morning, the team meet to discuss the previous day and goals for the day ahead. Every staff member is encouraged to share their thoughts, ensuring that they know they are working TNCC rather than an individual, and sharing jobs along the way. Standing out from the competition in such a saturated field can be hard, but TNCC pull it off with delicious aplomb. Using exclusive and custom-made moulds not available to other chocolatiers, the company can offer a chocolate tasting experience not available anywhere else. The team also strive to ensure that any corporate orders are ready and delivered at least a day before the initial delivery date. With a delivery service that is second to none, clients have one less thing to worry about when crafting the perfect corporate event. However, TNCC offer more than exquisite chocolate products to their customers. As well as manufacturing mouth-watering chocolate, the company also offer team-building days and adult classes. For more social occasions, chocolate-tasting experiences are available for groups of more than fifteen people. Looking ahead, the team are also considering expansion into pairing whiskey and chocolate as it has become a frequent request for clients and customers. Looking towards the future, TNCC are keenly aware of developments regarding sugar taxes. Whilst other chocolatiers may be affected by the sugar tax, this company use higher levels of cocoa content and less sugar. With the lower sugar levels, this artisan chocolatier has already begun producing a range of vegan chocolate products, with demand increasing. As the company continues to grow, they are also aiming to be able to export chocolate within the next six months, and employ more staff over the next two years. Despite being a relatively new company, TNCC has quickly established itself as one of the best artisan chocolatiers across Scotland. As evidenced by them becoming the only Scottish chocolatier with a five- star accreditation from VisitScotland, the company is set to grow from strength to strength and continue delivering tantalisingly tasty chocolate. Company: The New Chocolate Company Limited Contact: Brian Dick Website: