Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 16 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards A unique collaboration between a revered Master Chef and a sporting legend sparked the creation of DT10 Sports, a range of clean label snack bars designed with consumers in mind. We profile the firm and explore how it is changing the athletic snack market and driving it towards healthier, more nutritious alternatives. DT10 Sports: Best Protein Bars & Shakes - South England Developed with double Olympic Champion Daley Thompson and British Master Chef Gary Barnshaw, DT10 Sports provides a tempting range of delicious and nutritious protein snack bars. Initially, Daley and Gary were driven to explore a new clean label, better for you and protein-rich product range after meeting by chance on a charity bike ride in Kenya with fellow Olympian and athlete Steve Cram in 2016. Discussing sports nutrition and the snacks they enjoyed, the pair were horrified at how much sugar and non-essential ingredients were in the sports nutrition products provided as part of the event. They were also incensed to discover that water was the number one ingredient in most of the drinks. Even worse, the nutrition bars contained more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut, meaning that, despite their delicious taste, they were in fact no better than enjoying an ordinary treat. With protein seen as being important to healthier lifestyles and staying fuller for longer, they set up DT10 Sports to create a range that would offer the same great taste as other treats but with the maximum protein possible and absolutely nothing artificial. As many companies, including Nestle, bring out protein-based treats, such as protein filled Mars Bars, the pair knew they needed to bring an alternative to the market that was designed with performance and nutrition in mind, rather than just branding or taste. Thanks to its in-depth research, the firm’s products have 21g of protein in the bars and a whopping 30g in the shakes, helping consumers perform at their best and optimising recovery. This is combined with a great taste, flavour and texture. For the maximum health benefits, the range is also enhanced with added vitamins and minerals and contains no added sugar or palm fat/oil or sucralose. As such, athletes of all ages, abilities and goals can enjoy DT10 Sports’ extensive range safe in the knowledge that they are enhancing their performance, not hindering it. Accredited and certified by Informed Sports, these delicious treats are suitable for elite athletes as well as exercise enthusiasts and those with active lifestyles. Perfect for during or post exercise recovery, the bars are also ideal not only as a healthier ‘keep you fuller for longer’ snack, but as part of a calorie- controlled diet. Moving forward, as sports nutrition remains a growing market, DT10 Sports has embraced exciting opportunities to grow and prosper, supplying its delicious bars to even more clients throughout the UK and further afield. Company: DT10 Sports Website: Contact: Gary Barnshaw DT10 Sports - Chocolate & Mint bar DT10 Sports - Cookies & Cream bar