Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 29 Despite a growing market as people learn to drink well, it can be a difficult business, ordering wine. Customers can be scared of tariffs and market complexity, which continues to grow year on year. Thanks to IWS’s experience and good connections with the local markets, they’ve been able to maintain the trust that makes their business a success. This has been proven by the recent ‘tariff war’ between the European Union and the United States, which has increased the cost and complexity of sending food and drink from one country to another, though, thankfully, has had little of a direct impact on Italy itself. Saying that, the threat of new tariffs is ever present. Fortunately, IWS are professionals and have dealt with similar situations for years. This latest problem has been turned on its head and made into something more that IWS can offer. The legal requirements needed for allowing a non-US product to reach the American market is now something they can handle for their clients. It’s a typically relaxed response to a potentially stressful situation that shows how IWS will happily adapt to situations as they arise. It’s a sure-fire reason behind their growing success as a business. It’s time to say goodbye to the idyllic life of IWS, the professional shipping company that simply can’t do enough for its clients on either side and is always happy to oblige. We bid farewell to that half-full bottle of red, as the team meeting draws to an end and another shipment needs to be made. Looking down at the patchwork pattern of green and brown, lets raise a glass and wonder if it ever needs to change… Contact: Salvatore Monetta Company: IWS Srl Facebook: Instagram: Website: Email: [email protected]