Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 30 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Most Trusted Cake & Biscuit Supplier - UK Established in 1993, Mobberley Cakes has always been a family-run business that supplies individually wrapped cakes to the retail, wholesale and vending sectors. We profiled them to find out more. Mobberley Cakes is a family run business with a small team of five staff, all of whom enjoy full work flexibility, and where there are no long lines of communication. Everyone is fully involved in every part of the business, so it’s a family business in every sense of the word! With a large range allowing them to act as a one-stop shop for individually wrapped cakes and biscuits, it’s no wonder they’ve been voted the most trusted cake and biscuit supplier in the UK. First and foremost a service business, with a substantial stock of delightful cakes and biscuits and a quick supply chain via their own vehicles, Mobberley Cakes offers high-quality cakes and biscuits to customers across the UK, with the main concentration in the Midlands and the North of England. Dealing with suppliers to match what they offer with what buyers want is no small matter. Some clients require own brand packaging and/or special ingredients, and all the food is to the highest approved standards. It is the ability of Mobberley to be flexible this way that makes it one of the most versatile businesses in the commercial community. Organic growth can be a challenge with strong competition from larger food service companies in an increasingly tough mar- ketplace that changes frequently. Like all food industries, Mobberley Cakes has faced intense market pressure recently, principally due to the public move towards healthier products with lower sugar, lower fat and lower calorie content. In order to comply with government regulations many schools, although not all, have had to comply by supplying smaller portion sizes, with the consequent commercial impact for Mobberley. While there are other specialised areas to head into, it is often just not viable for a small company like Mobberley to invest in new product development. This is not necessarily a problem. The advantage of a small and flexible company is that it is always ready and equipped to change according to the service market, and to the customer’s requirements, whatever they may be. However, because of their clean and simple packaging with a clearly visible product, Mobberley’s range is ideally suited for vending machines and the wholesale market, where current marketing is primarily aimed. Looking ahead, Mobberley are looking to develop the drinks market locally and further expand their export markets. This is partly dependent on the website which the team at Mobberley are looking to upgrade at the earliest possibility. Whatever the next stage may be for the food industry, Mobberley Cakes is already looking at how it can better position itself to accommodate future changing market tastes and demands. This will only be achieved by being extremely flexible and offering a first class service in the ‘grab and go’ market. The contrast between what is recommended, what is sold to consumers and what markets will buy their product in the first place, is vast. That said, Mobberley are very aware of their market and no matter what happens, this company’s easily ready to match any challenge. Small businesses like Mobberley rely on a good product, sold by a flexible team that can build a solid reputation for excellence. With so many different services available, the value of someone’s word really counts in large and diverse community of customers. Fortunately, Mobberley’s reputation is solid. So, if you’re concerned about the humble cake disappearing from your local vending machine, or someone else taking the biscuit, worry not. Mobberley Cakes isn’t going anywhere. Contact: Roger Flint Company: Mobberley Cakes Limited Email: [email protected] Website: