Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 34 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards For wine connoisseurs, the pride and joy of a collection is sometimes overshadowed by not having the correct space to house it. Wine Cellar International is a full- service firm dedicated to the designing and building of wine cellars and rooms of all sizes for the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors. Masterfully crafting spaces that are as unique as the wine collection itself, discover the luxury of owning a custom-made wine cellar as we profile the firm. Wine Cellar International LLC: Best Wine Cellar Specialist 2019 - Florida Established more than a decade ago, Wine Cellar International has since crafted spaces for wine lovers in all stages of their passionate journey - from budding collectors, to those whose collections stretch into the millions of dollars and would be the envy of even the most decorated oenophile. Having the proper space to store your collection and to sample the finest flavours and tastes from across the world makes it all the more special. In addition to designing and building wine cellars for private individuals, Wine Cellar International also works in various public arenas, including the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. Collaborating with designers, architects and builders across the United States, the firm creates spaces that are truly impressive, exuding the class and sophistication of the modern wine collector. Wine collecting is an art form for both beginners and veterans alike. The function of a space, along with a high-end design that pays careful attention to every detail, must carefully showcase bottles in a way that makes them both easily visible and accessible to the collector. The showstopping elements should never compromise the functional integrity of the room itself. Wine Cellar International serves to create spaces that fuse both function and fashion in just this way. Cellars and rooms dedicated to wine collections have become a must-have item for homes and establishments of all types. Restaurants, and the hospitality industry in general, has seen an increased focus on catering to wine enthusiasts, creating exceptional spaces with Wine Cellar International that showcase their own collections. The wine collection market has proven to be an industry that is constantly growing and evolving. With technological innovations allowing wine collectors to find and purchase the finest tastes from across the world, the spectrum of collectors is constantly evolving and expanding. As the spectrum expands, so does the clientele and their expectations for each distinct space. Wine Cellar International’s work continues to involve searching for the next innovative way to present these collections. Remaining up to date with the latest trends in the wine industry is vitally important to ensuring that the wine connoisseur has their fashionable and functional space, and that they maintain a finger on the pulse of the latest in architecture and design. Finding and using only the greatest materials and building innovations, Wine Cellar International collaborates with renowned architects, designers and builders to ensure that each space is both unique to its individual owner and stylish beyond compare. Company: Wine Cellar International LLC Contact: Jacob Duquette Website: