Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 38 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Nestled in the heart of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Chopsticks is a modern Vietnamese restaurant dedicated to bringing this viberant cuisine to life through the use of fresh ingredients and quirky takes on traditional recipes. In celebration of the eatery’s success in LUXlife’s 2019 Food and Drink Awards we offer an insight into how far it has come despite having only been open for a relatively short amount of time. Chopsticks Hanoi: Best Modern Asian Restaurant - Vietnam In just two short years Chopsticks Hanoi has served over 50,000 customers, gaining a reputation for excellence thanks to its dedication to celebrating the very best of Vietnamese and modern Asian cuisine, flavours and cultures. As part of this aim, the establishment exclusively uses carefully selected suppliers and organic food where possible. As such, the team always knows the source of the food and drinks that they prepare and are able to reassure diners that every dish is of the highest possible quality. The talented team at Chopsticks Hanoi select their own pepper and coffee, produce their own sauces and rice wine and ensure the standards and quality of everything that they do is consistent and to the level which does this beautiful country justice. As a result, diners can rest assured that they are in a clean and safe environment, where they can sample the very best of Vietnamese cuisine. Such a focus on quality and providence is what sets Chopsticks Hanoi apart from many of the other eateries in the Old Quarter and marks it out as the best establishment for discerning diners seeking fresh and delicious Asian cuisine. As the eatery become more established it has grown and developed an excellent reputation for doing things the right way and with quality never being compro- mised. The result is a popular dining spot for those diners who are eager to dine on some of the finest Vietnamese dishes in Hanoi. Quality is paramount for this exceptional establishment, and this extends far beyond the food it serves. Each and every member of the eatery’s dedicated team receives training in English, wine serving and quality service so that they are able to offer guests from around the world the high standard of service they expect. Having achieved incredible success in just two years, the team at Chopsticks Hanoi are keen to build upon their achievements by opening another branch in the Hoi An are over the coming nine months. This growth will allow the team to showcase their dedication to quality and fine Asian cuisine. At the same time, they will continue to focus on quality to ensure that guests receives the exceptional service and fresh, delicious dishes that have made Chopsticks Hanoi the renowned success it is today. Company: Chopsticks Hanoi Name: Matthew Lowe Address: 15 Dao Duy Tu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, 100000 Telephone Number: +84 (0) 24 6670 2117 Web Address: