Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 4 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Founded in 1969, Destilla has a longstanding legacy of excellence in the flavouring and seasoning space. To this very day firm’s distinctive natural flavours and compositions are as pure and genuine as their origin: nature. To consistently achieve maximum quality, the firm use only the freshest hand-picked natural products. Many of them come directly from regional sources to ensure freshness. For more than 50 years Destilla GmbH has been producing award-winning flavourings and supplying them to clients around the world. In celebration of the firm’s win of Best Natural Flavouring Manufacturer for the second year in a row in our Food and Drink Awards we profile the company and explore the secrets behind this incredible achievement. Destilla GmbH: Best Natural Flavouring Manufacturer 2019 For clients throughout the food and drink market, Destilla can develop a solution based on any flavour profile, ensuring that they receive a bespoke taste that is unique to their brand. In line with the latest food market trends, the firm’s solutions are certified as organic, halal and kosher, and as such are suitable for a variety of diners, no matter what their preference or dietary requirements. With flavours across the full taste range, including sweet, spicy and salty, Destilla is able to supply clients in a range of markets, including the beverage industry. Organic, natural and high-quality, the firm’s products are central to its success, and as such Destilla has invested heavily in research and development over the years to ensure it continues to enhance its portfolio. As a manufacturer of natural flavours, the dedicated team at Destilla work exclusively with precious natural products. To make the best possible use of these natural resources, the team process them in a particularly gentle manner. Whether it is fresh regional herbs, exotic fruits from Latin America or noble spices from India: only the best raw materials from sustainable agriculture are good enough for subsequent processing at Destilla. This is Destilla’s commitment to ensuring the consistently high taste quality of all of its products. To ensure its ongoing success, Destilla stands for long-term partnerships, some of which have been in place since its foundation, cooperative developments and good technical support. Whether it is from farmers next door or in the world’s most remote locations, the team at Destilla pay a great deal of attention to the origin and regional sourcing of our raw materials. Family-owned, the firm has always prided itself on working closely with its collaborators and clients to support them and help them use its products to the best of their abilities. As a result of this approach, Destilla has grown together with their clients and industry partners, a fact which makes the team incredibly proud. Alongside its focus on excellence for clients, Destilla is also keen to limit its ecological footprint and that of its suppliers and clients. By aiming to use water, electricity and gas in as sparing a manner as possible, the firm is continuously shrinking its ecological footprint, even as it increases production. Recently, Destilla added HiPures ® to its offering. Especially developed for the needs of the flavour industry, these unique solutions creates top and body notes in soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, ice cream, sweets or savoury treats. It is the latest development for the firm that will help it to maintain and build upon its already impressive reputation for excellence. Ultimately, thanks to its commitment to quality, Destilla has a bright future in front of it. Over the coming years the firm will continue to enhance its range of delicious flavourings and its product range as a whole to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the latest culinary market developments.