Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 42 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Enabling the world’s largest food retailers, manufacturers and service brands to implement more efficient and sustainable strategies around the food ingredients, Mintec are empowering their clients in many ways. Discover how, as we profile the firm following their win in the LUXlife Food & Drink Awards. Mintec: Leaders in Market Intelligence in the F&B Industry 2019 & Best Cloud Based Platform 2019: Mintec Analytics Giving companies the ability to better under- stand supplier prices, analyse expenditure, and negotiate with confidence, Mintec are helping clients ensure they are best placed to reduce costs, manage risk and increase their efficiency, helping to maximize their margins. In working alongside companies to implement efficient and sustainable strategies, companies are helped with tracking the price of their food ingredients and associated costs. Having been in operation for more than thirty years, Mintec have continued to consistently innovate and evolve their products and services in response to client needs. At a time where only the most agile and technically proficient companies survive and thrive, this firm are continuing to help clients meet their needs in a constantly changing industry. Market intelligence is paramount in being able to understand key trends and develop- ments in any industry. Within the food and beverage industry, Mintec have proven them- selves to be leaders in market intelligence, employing technology to help recognise client needs against increased market volatility. The firm also offer 2019’s best cloud-based platform for the industry, with Mintec Analytics having been developed and released. The firm are dedicated to empowering clients in more clearly understanding supplier prices, analysing their spend, and being more cost-effective. Mintec do this with data- driven insight through their cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) platform, Mintec Analytics, which delivers market prices and analysis for more than 14,000 food ingredients and associated materials. Over the past few years, Mintec has invested heavily in its innovation program, and Mintec Analytics is the next stage of that evolution. A creative and innovative cloud-based platform, Analytics is as easy to use and intuitive, as it is powerful and effective. Its SaaS platform features advanced analytics tools and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) techniques, including cost modelling, price change reports, dashboards, and alerts. The platform is then combined with an experienced, data-driven intelligence team that has strong research skills and knowledge across a wide range of markets. Together it enables clients to improve visibility and gain greater clarity of their procurement position, to reflect the volatile nature of food commodities within a rapidly evolving market. Using Mintec Analytics, clients become better and more able to buy their raw materials at the best prices, countering competitive threats, and helping them to maximise their margins. Due to their ability to track prices over 14,000 raw materials, clients can create a more robust business case to support the develop- ment of new products. Having introduced Mintec Analytics, the company has helped to reduce the time spent on data processing, research, and preparing for supplier negotiations. With established confidence in a procurement performance in the marketplace, strategic business decisions such as pricing strategy, forecasting, and budgeting are more informed. As a result, procurement teams can target specific workflows and processes, to improve their competitiveness through cost savings, resourcing or value creation using the insight that Mintec Analytics provides. Looking ahead, Mintec is focused on growth and delivering results for its new and existing clients. Since the successful launch of Mintec Analytics, the company has continued to launch a range of products aimed at helping their clients across the food and beverage sector to be more profitable and maximise their margins. Ultimately, the firm’s success lies in their continual innovation and intuition to sense volatile market shifts and help clients prepare for them. With a cloud-based platform that is helping some of the world’s largest food retailers, manufacturers, and service brands, Mintec have cemented themselves as a trustworthy partner for the food and beverage industry. Company: Mintec Website: Contact: David Bateman Platform and App Mock Up © Mintec Manufacturing Food Illustration, and Promo Video Post © Mintec