Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 43 From its base in Napa Valley, the internationally renowned US hub for winemaking, Karen MacNeil & Company provides award-winning wine education, consulting, and communica- tions services. In celebration of the firm’s win in the 2019 Hospitality Awards, we offer an insight into the services it offers and how these have helped it to become revered among wine connoisseurs around the world. Karen MacNeil & Company: Best Dynamic Wine Education Consultancy - USA Karen MacNeil & Company undertakes a range of projects in the publishing, marketing, hospitality, and education/entertainment fields. These services are provided to numerous illustrious clients such as Lexus, General Electric, Merrill Lynch, LVMH, and others. These household names stand along with global law firms, insurance companies, biotech companies, wine trade organizations, hotels, and universities as Karen MacNeil & Company’s esteemed and valued clients. In addition to providing these innovative services, the firm also conducts customized wine experiences and tours around the world for companies and private groups of individuals, with Karen MacNeil as the group’s personal wine tutor. Karen is an experienced wine expert known for The Wine Bible, the bestselling wine book in the United States, and the award-winning digital site WineSpeed which she created. Karen has won every major wine award in the English language, and as such is the perfect guide and teacher for anyone looking to learn more about wine. For the past 30 years, Karen has tasted about 3,000 wines a year. She is connected with many of the best vintners in the world, and is able to use these connections to provide her clients with unique expertise and unforgettable experiences. It is this experience that differentiates Karen MacNeil & Company from its competitors as the best wine-focused communications and education consultancy on the market today. Ultimately, as Karen is creative and extremely enthusiastic about great projects, she loves to take on challenges, and this will be an ongoing focus for Karen MacNeil & Company over the coming years. The firm will expand its digital strategy with WineSpeed, which the team considers to be one of the best, fastest ways to learn about wine. In addition, the team plans to work more with innovative technology companies to create and provide fun educational wine content and tastings. These pursuits will drive the company to greater recognition within the wine world and cement its position as the leading education and communications consultancy in this niche sector. Company: Karen MacNeil & Company Name: Karen MacNeil Address: 1335 Main St., Suite 104 St. Helena, CA 94574, United States Telephone Number: +1 707 963 1146 Web Address: