Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 47 Not just for the locals and travellers in search of tasty new dishes to try, Shabestan has also played host to a number of high-profile guests seeking to experience the best Persian food in Singapore. Top business and corporate individuals, governmental ambassadors, and even royalty have visited the restaurant in the past. These high-profile groups of diners can make use of the restaurants private room, boasting comfortable seating for twenty-six individuals, video and audio capabilities, and a secluded atmosphere which lends itself to class and sophistication. In the hands of Senior Executive Chef Hamid Hosseini, Shabestan’s menu represents refined Persian cuisine in its finest form. Using his contemporary cooking techniques and thoughtful planning, Irani- born Chef Hosseini makes sure each meal is an explosion of flavours and textures that showcase the absolute best that Persian ingredients and Middle-Eastern herbs can offer. Chef Hamid created the menu on offer at the restaurant himself, boasting lots of healthier and more flavourful twists on Persian classics, with the perfect balance between vegetables, herbs, meat, and rice into beautifully wholesome and luxuriously delicious dishes. Bringing out the fullness of each dish, Chef Hosseini draws on his family history of helping his mother cook in the kitchen to bring an authenticity to this Persian cuisine that is hard to match across Singapore. Meat is always succulent and moist, whether it be a fresh and boneless leg of lamb, or tiger prawns marinated in saffron and lime juice. Rice, which is a staple of Middle- Eastern and Asian cuisine, is light and fluffy and the perfect accompaniment to any meal on Shabestan’s menu. To go with the perfect meal, there must be a perfect drink. Whether it be something refreshing to cleanse the palate, or something to give an enhancement to the flavours already tingling the taste buds, there is something for everyone. Wines are listed by country, and come with a brief description of the flavours which enable guests to make the best decision possible. Aside from the extensive wine collection, there is also a wide variety of liqueurs, spirits, beers, ciders, soft drinks, cocktails and hot drinks for every person. Working closely with Chef Hosseini, the restaurants corporate F&B Director Madan Kishor has more than twenty years’ experience working in luxurious five-star restaurants, bars, and hotels across the world. Elevating Shabestan’s guest experience to a new level, every person is treated like royalty and made to feel truly special from the first step through the door, to the reluctant last one out. With an eye on securing a Michelin star in the future, Madan and Chef Hosseini have cultivated an establishment that makes guests feel like it already has one. For six years now, Shabestan has been a leading restaurant in Singapore for Middle- Eastern cuisine, offering some of the most superb food and drink that the city has to offer. Whether a complete novice and newcomer to Persian cuisine, or a seasoned veteran of the herbs and spices at work in each dish, this exceptional eatery aims to provide the best possible introduction that guests will remember long after the final mouthful. Company: Shabestan, Finest Persian Restaurant Contact: Madan Kishor, Corporate F&B Director Website: