Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 51 It would be hard to argue that Italian wine is some of the finest wine in the world, right up amongst countries such as France, South Africa, Australia and South America. As digital technology continues to become a part of more and more industries, two journalists took it upon themselves to establish the first Italian online magazine entirely dedicated to Italian wines. Discover more about their growth and international success as we profile the publication. Wine Meridian: Best Italian Wine Magazine 2019 Whilst many may consider themselves unofficial wine aficionados given their affinity for the grape, understanding the finer details of the production process, and the analysis of international wine markets is a realm far beyond most budding oenophiles. Fortunately, Italian publication, Wine Meridian specialise in such things, promoting the unparalleled taste of an Italian wine and helping domestic wineries develop their export clientele base. First established in 2013 by journalists Fabio Piccoli and Lavinia Furlani, Wine Meridian was created with the purpose of giving a voice to Italian wineries, showcasing the very best of their sumptuously refreshing offerings. Now, more than six years on from that fateful first article, the publication has become one of the most insightful and eye-opening of its kind regarding the exquisite flavours of Italian wine. The last twenty years have seen immense growth in Italy’s wine sector, thanks to constant improvement in both a qualitative and competitive sense. Wineries across the country have vastly improved their flavours and combinations, allowing them to better compete in the international market and put Italy on the map for any enthusiastic oenophile. Alongside this growth comes a commitment from Wine Meridian to continue supporting the Italian wine sector, helping wine managers and companies alike learn more about their market, the evolution of trade, and shifting consumer expectations. Experience is a key factor for any journalist or contributor working for Wine Meridian, to en- sure that the readership benefits from the best knowledge within the industry. All employees and collaborators are professionals with an expert knowledge of what makes a truly quality wine, as well as considerable experience on how to effectively communicate the qualitative value of wine and food production. As with any publication in the modern era, ensuring a strong digital presence and knowledge of digital tools is paramount. Fortunately, the team at Wine Meridian are well-versed in the technical aspects of putting together their magazine and presenting it a refined, informative manner that is easy to read and knowledgeable for all lovers of Italian wine. Thanks to its current suite of digital tools, the publication’s readership includes more than 70,000 operators worldwide, including producers, wine journalists, importers, distributors, wine and food blogger, opinion leaders, and many more influencers. However, the wine market today still remains increasingly difficult and competitive to break into, characterised by a myriad of players, constant evolving trade requirements, and consumer needs. Wineries have to constantly be aware of their own quirks and peculiarities which set them apart from the competition, making them authentic producers of unique wine that taste phenomenal. In all its editorial work, Wine Meridian is constantly referencing the wineries that have sustainability at their heart, showcasing them as a beacon to the world of how to produce excellent quality drink without compromising the environment. The team also reference those who find themselves with something even more unique or authentic. Of course, the dream isn’t just to highlight Italian wine to Italian consumers. The team at Wine Meridian have admirable aspirations, seeking to become an international publication that helps the trade to learn more about the incredible wine heritage that Italy has. Across both the catering and distribution worlds, the magazine is aiming to make better known this beautiful country’s rich and flavourful wine-making ability. Consumers today have a better idea of what makes a perfect drink more than they ever have before. With knowledge around the wine industry becoming more widespread and commonplace, it is increasingly important that publications such as Wine Meridian continue to ensure that their knowledge remains second-to-none in informing the world of the outstanding beauty of a fine Italian wine. Company: Wine Meridian Contact: Fabio Piccoli | fabio.piccoli@ Lavinia Furlani | lavinia.furlani@ Website: