Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 57 looking to open franchise stores in 20 different locations across the world. In London, there is already the framework in place for an exclusive partnership that will launch the London Tea Exchange brand there in 2020. It perfectly suits the top-class products they create and matches the burgeoning expansion into the luxury food market. Currently in the process of launching a number of premium products over the coming months, they are looking to engage with leading companies, like Harrods, as part of their global reach. Extensive market research with their leading tea products has been taken, with participation at international events, exhibitions and festivals revealing an overwhelming demand for luxury teas on an international level. Active steps for ensuring that their sublime products are still available for export have been taken, and the sheer strength and appeal of this sophisticated brand will overcome any potential problems. The London Tea Exchange might have global aspirations, but at heart it is still a small business, dependant on a strong and dedicated team that engages actively in the brand vision. In return, the London Tea Exchange takes active steps to engage the team to help shape the future of the company. As a luxury outlet, heavy investment has en- sured that staff members have access to the right equipment and tools to be able to work efficiently and deliver a high-quality service. They believe in investing in our employees and have an individual development plan for every team member. This dedication to staff growth has allowed many members of the team to take senior roles within the company. Far from traditional corporate culture, the London Tea Exchange has the attitude of a small family pulled together by a hearty brew. This approach has enabled the team to per- form consistently, receiving positive feedback from our customers on a regular basis. Emboldened by luxury, yet stripped of pretence, the London Tea Exchange offers its customers a product to be savoured, to be experienced. Their delicate designs on the tea drinking market truly set them apart as artistes, crafting a truly masterful collection of teas that can be utilised in several ways. Authentic to the core, yet loyal to a set of powerful values, the London Tea Exchange presents an exceptional potential to build on its powerful brand and maintain a global presence serving an untapped market for luxury tea. Contact: Hazara Begum Company: London Tea Exchange Website: Telephone: 020 34903393