Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 58 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Thai Express is the leading quick casual restaurant brands dedicated to serving Thai cuisine. We profile our award-winning brand to shed further insight as to why they have been crowned as the Thai Restaurant Franchise of the Year for North America in 2019. Thai Restaurant Franchise of the Year 2019 - North America Since their inception, Thai Express has believed that when you treat your taste buds right, great things will happen. Using fresh and delicious ingredients, Thai Express creates traditional Thai recipes with a modern vision to sprinkle in enough new-world creativity to keep their clientele on their toes. By focusing on fresh and vibrant food, clients are able to feel good about the meals they have consumed via their exceptional taste and aesthetic presentation. Deeply rooted in Thai Express’ core is their firm belief that great food can only be produced by using some of the finest and freshest ingredients. As such, they strive for excellence in food quality and customer service by taking great pride in the meals that they serve to their valued customers. Thai Express’ core values (Respect, Customer Experience, Quality, Thai “Heart” ) are reiterated in all their practices so that every client receives both delicious food alongside an exceptional quality of service. One of the secrets behind the brands extraordinary success are the individuals employed at Thai Express. Each member of the team is fully supported at all times, allowing them to provide their clients with any assistance they need, while simultaneously implementing the brand’s values at all times and in every situation. Over the years, Thai Express has had numer- ous customers from across North America (and beyond) embracing the brand as an ambassador of the exciting food of Thailand. This recognition has resulted in Thai Express’ signature crowd favourite meal, Pad Thai, becoming as common as a hamburger. During the past few years, Thai Express has further adapted its brand by partnering with leading take-out programs, such as Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, Ritual and also offering its own platform Bon App. Offering these different online ordering and delivery options has resulted allowing more clients to enjoy Thai food more often, while also bringing forth a competitive edge to the market. Aligning with key technology partners, the team at Thai Express analysed and spear- headed emerging trends within the food and drink sectors by pioneering healthier alternatives to appeal to a variety of lifestyles. This spring, Thai Express launched their GO RICELESS campaign, which offers a vegetable based option, cauliflower rice, as an alternative to any of their rice dishes. The campaign was warmly embraced by a vast number of influencers and clients, resulting in organic reach and optimal customer experi- ence that was shared across their social media channels. GO RICELESS’ campaign was such a success that it has landed itself as a permanent menu addition that will continued to be available at all Thai Express locations. Being one of the first Quick Service restau- rants to bring cauliflower rice to market, Thai Express has always stayed ahead of the curve by also being one of the first Quick Service restaurants to offer vegan and gluten free options to their clientele. These initiatives were launched almost a decade ago, having been a part of the Thai Express menu before their initial mass popularity that arrived only a few years ago. Overall, Thai Express works tirelessly in creating delicious dishes and products that appeals to their clients’ diverse wants and needs. We believe this is why Thai Express has been incredibly successful within their respected industry and why we have awarded them as The Best Thai Franchise in North America. Company: Thai Express / MTY Group Address: 8210 Rte Transcanadienne Telephone: 514 336 8885 Web Address: