Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 64 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards When it comes to find a service with excellence, sourcing the perfect wine, support winery acquisitions there aren’t many choices to sift through. Using the expertise of Martins Wine Advisor, a very select and exclusive clientele can create and promote only the finest, ultra-luxurious wine brands. Discover the firm’s award-winning success in delivering the finest wine advisory services as we profile the company. Martins Wine Advisor: Best Wine Advisory Service 2019 - UK The perfect accompaniment for high-quality food, wine has rapidly become a source of true luxury that many high-net worth individuals are looking to invest in. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and Andrea Bocelli have all released well- received wines, and more are sure to follow. Increasing numbers of high-end individuals and groups are making their mark on the wine industry, and Martins are on hand to help with every aspect of it. Martins assist valued private and profes- sional clients with investing in wine and wine properties, building up cellars and creating value for themselves and their partners. Handling strategy, press, and design, the company also consult with retailers and importers looking to streamline and optimise their portfolios, hunting brands and making sure they deliver only the finest and most interesting wines to customers. Boasting a team of dedicated wine consultants and connoisseurs alike, each member of the Martins family has expertise promoting new wine products, entering developing markets, and providing uniquely bespoke advice to all manner of clients. Be they corporate representatives, private individuals, or even royal families, this wine-focused firm are committed to locking down the perfect wine at the best price, for any event. For the firm, the complete, long-term relationships with clients are the most impor- tant aspect to the business. In specialising working with such ultra-high-end clients, Martins has to network a lot, establishing knowledge and spending their time as a firm strategically. Those three parameters are key markers for the firm, as they measure them- selves against the competition. In maintaining their focus on the clients and delivering those key aspects, what separates Martins from their competitors is their highly personal approach to every client and project. Beginning with just founder Claudio Martins, the firm has since grown to include a family of wine experts that exemplify the passion, trust, friendship, and professional ethics of its leader. By encompassing such client- focused aspects of business, the network of clients that the team has established are also often treated as friends, often relaxing together and sharing a bottle of hard-earned wine at the end of a project. The future of the wine industry is one of both exciting prospects, and key challenges. Going through a period of fundamental change regarding communication and dis- tribution chains, Martins are keen to remain at the forefront of developments. New wine consumers are forcing owners and advisors alike to think differently about what con- sumers want, as well as changes in direct producer-to-consumer trends demanding changes in supply. With plenty happening throughout the industry, it is key that firms such as Martins continue to see these changes as opportunities. Helping to get that perfect wine from grape to glass, Martins wine advisory services are exemplary for both first-time novices and seasoned professionals. With a team of dedicated professionals who expertly under- stand the wine industry, this firm are the go-to choice for ultra-high-net-worth client seeking to craft that refreshingly flawless glass of red, white or rosé. Company: Martins Wine Advisor Contact: Claudio Martins Website: