Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 67 After a long week of working hard, it is hard to beat the feeling of settling down with your favourite drink and simply relaxing. For Blue Marble Cocktails and CEO and Founder Alan Miller, that feeling comes in the form of a canned cocktail that can be enjoyed at a moment’s notice. As part of the Blue Marble’s win in the Food & Drink Awards, we profile the company to learn more about their great variety of award-winning drinks. Best Variety of Premium Canned Cocktails 2019 Cocktails are amongst some of the most refreshing, flavourful, and sumptuous alcoholic drinks in the world. The aim of Blue Marble is to make them even better, and even more accessible to consumers all over the world. Ready to drink at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world, this company’s incredible collection of popular alcoholic drinks taste amazing and are packaged in recyclable containers to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Offering a deliciously refreshing selection of nine cocktails, Blue Marble uses the most fresh and all-natural ingredients in their drinks. The cocktails in question include Bloody Mary, Coconut Island, Cosmo, Greyhound, Marble- Rita, Mojito, Moscow Mule, Screwdriver, and Vodka Soda, each one as tasty as the last. Consumers don’t need a bartender, as they can simply pour their chosen flavor over ice and enjoy it from the comfort of their own home or out with friends. This family owned and operated company includes Alan Miller’s fiancé Danyelle, Alan’s sons Alan and Ben as well as their wives Pamela and Kat. The Miller family wanted their cocktails to exclusively use real ingredients that are found naturally occurring throughout nature. Every single cocktail includes only the finest fruits, vegetables, and ultra-premium distilled spirits, contributing to a delicious drink that is packed with flavor and taste. Free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and dyes, all drinks are also gluten-free, ensuring Blue Marble’s com- mitment to providing the very best canned cocktails. Truly caring about the environment, the Miller family and the team at Blue Marble put as much work into their packaging as they do their contents. Through sustainable recycling methods, the company’s cans make it back to store shelves in as little as sixty days after initial use. By exclusively using aluminium cans, Blue Marble is trying to do their part with the plastic epidemic and makes sure that all other packaging like trays and cartons are recyclable too. On top of using only the best and most natural ingredients in their drinks, Blue Marble is dedicated to donating a portion of their proceeds from every can to environmental initiatives. Alan Miller and his family want to keep the blue marble blue ® and inspire people to do the same for generations to come. Aiming to inspire like-minded companies and ambassadors, the family company is committed to being involved in local organizations and charities engineering towards helping the environment. Ensuring that the highest standards of health and safety are met at all times, Blue Marble’s Indianapolis-based production facility has rigorous and thorough quality control checks at all stages. Their in-house production allows for better consistency and quality control, with state-of-the-art laser coding, batch control systems, nitrogen- dosing and carbonation used to maintain can integrity. The facility is also used for shipping, distribution, and is fully licensed and meets regulatory guidelines from the TTB, FDA, and ATC. Bringing together exquisite-tasting cocktails, family values, and a strong desire to help save this beautiful planet, Blue Marble is one of the most unique companies in the food and drink industry today. Offering the best and most popular variety of canned cocktails, this company is committed to sustainability through their incredible products. Company: Blue Marble Cocktails Contact: Pamela Jean Miller Email: [email protected] Website: