Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 7 who ensures that upon delivery, the Chefs can start work immediately. ‘We have an excellent team of filleters who aim to please the chef and no job is too small,’ Serge tells us. ‘Always happy to do whatever the chef requires.’ That said, he is careful not to spread his talents too thin. High standards are at the forefront of what Bethnal Green Fish Supplies provide. ‘Always strive for perfection and know your limits as to how many restaurants you can serve,’ he tells us. ‘Do not get greedy and grow too fast.’ These thoughts have clearly guided his business path for a long time, but now secure in his position as a premier provider of London’s seafood scene, the need to expand has risen. We asked him to tell us more. ‘We are looking to buy the unit next door as well, to expand so we are able to serve more of London’s chefs,’ Serge explains. It reflects the growing demand for his carefully caught fish. Bethnal Green Fish Suppliers are the unsung heroes of London’s restaurant scene. Providing responsible sourced, delicately chosen and delightfully fresh seafood to chefs across the city, it’s no wonder that this intrepid team has achieved such incredible success. By thinking small, Serge and his crew have made a big impact on all those who dine out in London. No chef can make magic from nothing, and what Serge Lea from Bethnal Green provides is magic in and of itself. Contact: Serge Lea Company: Bethnal Green Fish Supplies Email: [email protected] Telephone: 07545329109 carefully calculated addition into a family. ‘All staff undergo trials before beginning so we know if the candidate is right for our company,’ explains Serge. ‘Staff are regularly spoken to regarding new and old customers and how they should act when they are delivering our product.’ The relationships that build up between customers and suppliers means that Serge and his team feel happy to advise their clients as to what sorts of fish are best suited to their needs. ‘Speaking daily to our customers, we can always be there to guide them in what’s coming into season,’ Serge smiles. This not only means the highest quality fish leaves the premises, but that chefs are able to get to grips with something at its prime for their guests. Kept busy between running the business and maintaining its scrupulously high standards, Serge and his dad are always on site, checking on what goes in and out of the shop floor. Work at Bethnal Green Fish Supplies starts early at night, most days at 8.30pm. We asked Serge where they both get the energy from! ‘I think you need to be passionate about what you do and willing to put in the long hours and hard work,’ Serge laughs. Certainly, his enthusiasm for the business shines through every aspect of the business. It’s an infectious glee that feeds the rest of his hard-working team. We asked Serge what had boosted the prominence of his business. Surely, it can’t be enough to simply provide excellent fish? ‘I feel that chefs come to us now due to word of mouth and the reliability we provide,’ Serge smiles. ‘We have built up a good, strong client base and aim to please all of them. The fact that they can place an order up to 4am in the morning knowing that they will receive the fish that morning. We do our upmost to give the customers what they want and to a high standard.’ As mentioned before, this distinguished clientele forms some of the classiest restaurant choices in London. From sophisticated shared dishes at Cornerstone in Hackney Wick to considered culture at the Cadogan in Chelsea, chefs delight in what Serge can supply. They appreciate that their fish is sustainably sourced and seasonal offerings are available to try. Another boon is the capacity of Serge’s team of fish filleters,