Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 75 “We can only do this because our team works with incredible dedication to our purpose. In schools, we adopted new branding and marketing practices to promote products as if they were found in grocery stores and retail shops. We want to not only make the best products, but we want kids to feel special about the experience they receive from our brands as well.” “We deem it critical to monitor food safety and compliance programs at both an individual location, as well as a corporate level, on a continuous 24/7 basis. We also have in-house food safety auditors to conduct activities like regular spot checks on production, and unannounced audits to ensure plants are always delivering on optimal food safety compliance and safety standards.” At the core of his beliefs, and those of Global Food Solutions, is that every process must begin with food safety. “I have seen far too many great tasting, great looking, and well-branded products that overlooked little mistakes which turned into massive compliance issues. They all could have easily been avoided. I do believe it has become trendier and more fun than ever to think up new products using new food technology, but I also know the very foundation of food success is food safety and compliance. From there, you work your way back into production and branding.” Global Food Solutions has become far more than a food service provider for many companies and food service operations across America. Instead, it is a shining beacon of what can happen when an enthusiastic, driven and purposeful leader strives to nourish America’s future with outstanding food products in a sustainable way. ABOUT GLOBAL FOOD SOLUTIONS: Global Food Solutions is a progressive food service partner that is a pioneer in the development and distribution of affordable, wholesome and sustainable food products that simply taste amazing. The company operates out of 20 production facilities in the United States and Canada, to support a growing customer base of over 5,000 institu- tions, including those in academic, military, healthcare, and hospitality. The company currently distributes its products under 6 different brands labels. Contact: Michael Steven Levine Website: