Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 79 Just a handful of the brewery’s drinks include four equally delicious and yet remarkably different beer drinks that each play on the theme of the Noon Guns. With each drink expertly varying alcohol percentages, bitterness levels, colours, and tasting notes, Noon Gun Brewery’s offerings are spectacular. Toasting the discoveries of some of the earliest beer pioneers, the brand’s Smooth Bore Lager harkens back to the still-fermenting beer found in Bavaria’s icy alpine caves, and brings new exciting flavours. A warm and inviting amber-to-copper colour, this lager is both crisp and smooth, offering biscuit-like notes to enhance the homely feel of the drink. More of a chilled out drink for continued enjoyment, the 18-Pounder Session IPA is a dry and light-bodied Indian Pale Ale. Combining the brewing methods of England during the First World War with more than five types of hops, this deep golden drink offers consumers refreshingly sharp tones that are both herbal and aromatic. An hom- age to the breakfast beers of Germany, the Muzzle Loader Weiss is a silky golden wheat beer, lightly-hopped and created to offer a stimulating taste. Lastly, the Gunslinger Pilsner. One of the very first African attempts to spin a relatively young German brewing technique, Noon Gun Brewery offers discerning consumers the chance to blend the flavours of an attractive ale with a crisp and flavourful lager. Marrying together the best of both drinks, gentle fruit flavours refresh any palate, whilst leaving behind a tingling sensation that is entirely pleasant. As well as the on-brand gun-related beers that the brewery offers, the team have also begun to move into the arena of gin and tonic. Alongside the bottled beers, Noon Gun Brewery have now released perfectly- balanced, ready-to-drink premixes of the team’s own design. RTDs have become infinitely more popular in recent years, enabling consumers the luxury of enjoying a well-mixed gin and tonic whenever and wherever they are. Greater varieties of RTDs are constantly emerging into the market all the time, and South Africa has seen an influx of craft liquors. Noon Gun Brewery were one of the first companies to release a premixed gin and tonic, and remain one of the best today. Moving into 2020 and beyond, the team remain committed to continuing their brewing of exquisite beers and perfectly- balanced mixes. Whilst the drinks may be the undisputable stars of the show at Noon Gun Brewery, the staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every single drink is crafted with the same love and attention to detail as the last. Every single member of staff is trained to understand the basic processes of how the brewery’s craft beers are manufactured, giving them a strong informational background of the business to help improve their overall understanding. Through regular training, tasting sessions, and decision-making inclusion, staff gain a vested interest in the brand, and feel as though they are more than just an employee. Staff also play an important role in the continued understanding of the consumer, and their needs. A brand could create the most clever, exciting, and unique products on the market, but if the consumer does not like it or understand it, then it will likely flop. For the team at Noon Gun Brewery, engaging the consumer and listening to what they want is the most important part of the process. By communicating with the consumer, a deeper and more meaningful understanding of what it is they really want and why they want it can help fuel creativity within the brewing process. The result is a market-friendly and luxuriously delicious craft beer. Company: Noon Gun Brewery Contact: Leonard Henning Website: