Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 8 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards It is said that diners eat with their eyes, and the same can be said for wine drinkers, as Adam Hewison, founder of the AireWine Group, discovered when he purchased HomePort a small wine store in Maryland. Through his observations, Adam realized that the majority of consumers purchased the same bottle time and again. He realized that wine buyers were driven to make their decisions based on labels on the bottle as much as anything else. As a result, he created the AireWine Group to create a wine bottle that not only looked incredible, but could also do something that no other wine bottle in the world could do: aerate the wine as it was being poured. This one unique feature and the dramatic design of the AireWine bottle allowed Adam to set his wine bottle apart from what some call “boring” Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles. The standout design of the AireWine bottle gives it an edge on the shelf and compels wine buyers to pick it up and try it. The key is to provide a wine experience unlike any other, and the AireWine bottle provides that and much more. “Adam created AireWine to develop a revolutionary new wine bottle that not only looks incredible, but did something that no other wine bottle does. The AireWine bottle aerates the wine more than either a Burgundy or Bordeaux bottle as it is being poured without any additional add ons. This unique feature, along with its iconic design, sets the AireWine bottle apart from other wine bottles on the shelf and commands the wine buyers’ attention. As Adam says, “This is not your Grandparents’ Wine Bottle”. Drawing on personal experience, the AireWine Group was created by Adam Hewison to reimagine the wine bottle and captured the imagination of the wine- buying public. We profile the group to learn more about its history and how far it has come over the years. The Airewine Group: Most Innovative Wine Packaging Product 2019 Over the years, Adam has created many prototypes, looking for the perfect solution for a self-aerating wine bottle. Finally, after years of trial and error, he developed the bottle that he wants to share with the public. AireWine’s latest bottle has been given the thumbs up from not only the public, but also wine distributors and retailers. The AireWine bottle has been scientifically tested in two independent labs and has proven to aerate wine more than either a Burgundy or Bordeaux bottle. The benefits of his unique wine bottle are apparent to the wine consumer. In a recent survey, the millennial generation gave the AireWine bottle an 86.6% approval rating and said they would pick up a bottle if they saw it in a retailer’s store. Overall, the AireWine bottle has been a work of love and has taken around eight years to produce and perfect. Moving forward, Adam is excited about partnering with a major winery to bring his creative and reimagined new wine bottle to wine drinkers throughout the U.S. and beyond. Company: The Airewine Group | Contact: Adam Hewison Phone: 410-353-4489 | Email: [email protected] | Website: An inside look of the patented AireWine bottle and the unique “Pouration Dimples TM” that create the aeration.