Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 80 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Revolutionising the ready- meal market, Nom Noms World Food provides a global voyage of discovery with every bite. Putting wholesome and healthy food at the forefront of their international enterprise, we take a closer look at what these connoisseurs of cuisine have to offer. Created by parents, for parents and children, this innovative take on ready-meals is the brainchild of Lisa Sohanpal and her husband, Dr. Imrat Sohanpal – with contributions from their three children. Having travelled the globe, exploring three continents and appreciating a diverse palate, Nom Noms is this family’s way of sharing the culinary and cultural adventure they went on with the world. Combining the best of what world cuisine has to offer, Nom Noms represents a gateway into authentic world flavours, gentle enough for kids, but bursting with the taste and texture that adults adore. Available in a range of sizes to suit both children and adults, Nom Noms needs no preparation, just heating. These authentically crafted ready meals can be served in two minutes, making them perfect if running short on time and needing a healthy meal that you can trust. The result is inspirational, with meals designed by a family, which they can all enjoy. Coming from a medical background, both Lisa and Imrat ensured that these delicious meals are nutritious as they are delicious, aiming for the highest health credentials. While lots of ready meals come crammed with salt, sugar and preservatives, Nom Noms use natural ingredients throughout. Boosted with fruit and vegetables, not to mention super foods and super seeds, every meal and wrap has been delicately designed to provide the healthiest world- cuisine flavours on the market. Nom Noms’ unique spice blends are able to transport your taste buds everywhere from Malaysia to Morocco. These combinations give each wrap and meal its own inimitable flavour to savour. With this attention to detail, it’s no surprise that authenticity is paramount to Nom Noms. The international inspiration is woven through the heart of the company like a golden thread, binding every element together. Even the packaging is designed with this in mind, presenting an innovative interactive format that gives fun facts, exciting stories and quizzes about the meals. In this way, Nom Noms is able to feed the mind as well as the body. Feeding the soul is the wonderful gesture on Nom Noms’ part, where for every meal bought, one is donated to a child in India. Thanks to a partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, Nom Noms ‘One for you, one for them’ policy has sponsored a phenomenal 800,000 meals with the goal hit 10 million next year. Not content with sharing different food cultures from around the world with others, Nom Noms pays it back, providing opportunities for those who are less fortunate. Nom Noms offers the promise of a journey with every bite, an adventure with every morsel, and the salivating prospect of what- ever is going to be next. This pioneering food company has changed the face of the ready-meal, making it into the most delicious, healthiest option available. Moving effort- lessly from the American to the Arabic, from the Caribbean to the Korean, Nom Noms’ journey of discovery isn’t over yet, and looks set to go even further afield in the future. Contact: Lisa Sohanpal Company: Nom Noms World Food Web Address: Telephone: 07932258099 Nom Noms World Food: Ready-Meal Company of the Year 2019 - UK