Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 83 and this is something that is shared by the team at Karine’s no matter what or who they are working for. Aiming to provide food that matches perfectly what is asked for, requests for 100% Vegan or Gluten-Free orders are easily catered for by this talented team. Karine’s aims incredibly high with its values, challenging usually accepted ideas on ethics and the environment. Ensuring that they can serve anyone, and everyone is at the heart of the Karine’s approach to business, with customers encouraging change and guiding the team to fill a gap in the need for vegan and gluten-free cuisine for the mainstream. Listening to this demand has created a surge in demand for this endeavour, with the expansion of vegan, organic and gluten-free food in the baked goods sector. These are now being sold at local farmers markets and locally owned cafes. Similar to this shift to a less meat-based menu, the decision to serve customers with real plates, cups and cutlery, both at the food court and at outside events, is a major part of Karine’s attempt to stop creating waste, and hopefully diminishing the company’s carbon footprint. Finding the right way to start the day can be a challenge if you have specific dietary needs. Sometimes, you’re left feeling like an afterthought. The magic of Karine’s is that its evolution to awarding-winning vegetarian friendly business has been achieved by listening to a demand and working out how best to satisfy it. This thoughtful attitude belies the bluff, friendly exterior that the business presents on first appearance, but that’s always the way when it comes to family. Not all breakfast is cooked equal, and Karine’s is definitely a cut above the rest. Contact: Maggie Kay | Company: Karine’s Web Address: Telephone: 001 416 591 0863