Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 86 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Do you know what a Nai is? A Nai is a classic wind instrument, and for over 5,000 years it has been at the forefront of musical tradition. From the vast expanse of the Arabian desert to the far reaches of the Indian Ocean, millions have been enchanted by the softness and sound of its music. But what does that have to do the best iced tea company in the Middle East? We decided to find out. Launched in 2017 with a range of uniquely flavoured, all-natural iced teas, brewed with real tea leaves, blended with premium ingredients, Nai offers its customers the best choice in a market that is just beginning to grow. Proudly Arabian, the broad selection of drinks pay tribute to a rich heritage that is still ongoing. What sets this exciting company apart is their bold worldview and approach founded on being a modern, transparent and ethical brand. From a team of three founders, a close- knit team of seventeen, spread across five countries now make the dream of Nai come true. Exporting a product that reflects the richness and culture of the region, in a positive and uplifting manner, is the main hope of the company, demonstrating that young entrepreneurial ventures in the Arab world can combine growth and their Inspiring Good campaigns. Determined to play a real and active role within its communities, every time you take a sip of Nai tea – whether it’s their delicious Hibiscus Flower Pomegranate blend with a touch of Rose or perhaps the delightful Peach, Mango and Jasmine blended with White Peony tea leaves,– you can’t help but be quietly changed. With their gorgeous drinks currently available across the Middle East and in parts of North America, Nai has plans to expand into Western Europe, Africa and other parts of Asia in 2020 and beyond. There’ll be even more iced tea flavours to quench your thirst, and an exciting all-new range of beverages. At the heart of these developments is dedication to celebrating Arabian culture, of which so little has been shared with the world. It’s a source of perpetual motivation to the team working behind the scenes. Nai was founded because Arabia is in their DNA. They are influenced by every part and every person, not least their history as the world’s original traders and entrepreneurs. Each bottle of tea is produced with care and love for the process. Every one of the teas is differentiated, being brewed in great big kettle-like systems, and despite containing no preservatives, artificial flavours or colourings, each drink can have a long shelf life thanks to the use of technologically advanced systems. Only the best natural ingredients and fruit juices are used from a short list of reputable suppliers and for those who are conscious of what they put into their bodies, Nai’s iced teas are 100% natural, with no sugar added. Nai teas can be enjoyed cold or hot on those winter days when you need something to warm you up. Taking care in every aspect of production, this care continues to the packaging, with the use of glass bottles to reduce plastic consumption. The more craftily minded consumer has been inspired to reuse these bottles in a range of innovative ways, creating beautiful vases, storage jars, art pieces and even a coffee table base. The taste of music seeps through every aspect of Nai, as it plays a tune of aspiration and achievement. Nai delivers iced tea to soothe the soul of people across the world and asks them to join them on a journey of discovery. Built on the cultural traditions of hospitality, generosity and kindness, the Nai is a fitting emblem for this company. It represents its heart of truth, kindness and inspiring good, and we hope that its song never ends. Contact: Hisham El-Farouki Company: Nai Web Address: Telephone: 00966505629282 Nai: Best Healthy Snack Food & Beverage Company - Middle East