Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 88 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards There’s nothing quite like exploring a sweetshop, taking in new sights and smells and tastes and textures. Here at LUXlife, we admit to having quite the sweet tooth, and the opportunity to find out more about this independent, award-winning company was too tempting an offer to refuse. Join us as we take a closer look at the exquisite SugarSin to find out more. Hidden away in London’s Covent Garden, SugarSin the bright blue shop stands out from its more austere fellows. Brightening up even the dourest of days in more ways than one, it is no less sincere than the establishments on either side. In fact, SugarSin is the home of some of the most delectable sweets in the whole of London. Set up in 2011 by Swedes Anna Nilsson and Josefin Deckel, it has recently been taken over by upcoming entrepreneur Jiten Shah who wants to continue their excellent work. Finding a sweet shop with a vast variety, wonderful staff, and in the perfect location is no mean feat. Becoming the destination for those wanting a premium sweet experience is no accident. It’s the result of years of work, building a fine reputation that has garnered the respect of Londoners, tourists and – thanks to the Royal Opera House being a stone’s throw away – theatre-goers. It’s a haven for sweet-lovers, a tribute to chocolate, gummies and candy. Colorful pick n mix fills the wall as you walk in, cocktail and fruit gummies are spread across shelves, and of course that perennial favourite, chocolate is available in every variation under the sun, with brightly coloured packaging to cheer anybody up. Sourcing products of the highest quality from the best confectionery suppliers in the UK and Europe, SugarSin brings a unique collection of sweets. 90% of SugarSin products are hand-packed in-house with utmost care ensuring every bag, box or jar reflects the SugarSin ethos of great quality and outstanding taste. Known for their unique variety of a 150 pick n mix sweets, and 75 other products ranging from candy to chocolate, from marshmallows to chocolate-coated nuts, it’s no surprise that this dynamic little shop grew to have a dynamic product range to match. Predominantly managed by John Westwood-Hill and Alisha Kasenzi, the adoration they have for the shop is reflected in the customer service they provide and the training they give to new staff members. Able to advise on the hundreds of products that they stock, a visit to SugarSin need not be a step into the dark, but a charming tour through captivating confectionery. From the top down, SugarSin is far from another brand, or a shop that just needs to keep running. It’s a way of life that gives joy to those who visit and those who run it. This ethos is what brings people coming back time after time, in the search for a repeat of an excellent experience. SugarSin provides a thoroughly unique service, as one of the very few premium confectionery brands that has a store presence, an online presence and a wholesale supply to quality retailers like Boots, Clintons, Debenhams, and Selfridges. The emphasis on quality is at the core of all SugarSin decisions, never compromising on this aspect of its SugarSin: Sweet Shop of the Year 2019 - Central London “...Bringing a sense of class and fun to the sweetshop high street, visiting SugarSin is like becoming a child again.”