Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 89 increasing vegetarian and vegan market. Both are challenges in their own rights and have led to a search for new recipes. Although the pick n mix already includes various vegan and gelatin-free flavors, SugarSin has extended and will continue to extend its product range to match these developments. Contact: Jiten Shah Company: SugarSin Web Address: Email: [email protected] business. Firmly planted at the high-end of the market, you’ll never see SugarSin in a supermarket or discounting retailer. In terms of expansion, SugarSin is now looking to find a new site in London for its next store. The Westfield Shopping Centre in White City would be an ideal spot for this development, offering exciting new prospects in an entirely different environment to Covent Garden. SugarSin products are available in other parts of the globe such as in Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA. It shows that the true reach of SugarSin is not limited to a UK postcode. It does, in fact, have an international appeal which makes it very attractive as a premium sweets brand. Simply put, it is in a league of its own. Providing the best sweets in the business means that SugarSin is not only part of a growing industry but is also on the receiving end of changes in the market. People are becoming more conscious of sugar content in their diet, as well as a steadily