Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 91 Cheese is one of the world’s greatest wonders. Whether it be the soft, smooth creaminess of a fine Brie, or a powerfully pungent blue cheese like Gorgonzola, nothing quite compares to the taste of cheese. Offering its own unique Slovakian spin on cheese, MILSY a.s. is a manufacturer of traditional dairy products from the Trenčín Region. Discover what makes these cheeses so delightfully delicious as we serve up a profile of the firm behind them. The Trenčín Region of Slovakia is arguably the country’s industrial hub. With more than half the population working within industrial careers such as engineering, electrical, mining, and textiles, it would be hard for another industry to stand out. Yet, one does. Capitalising on the two-fifths of the region’s land that is agricultural, MILSY is a Slovakian dairy manufacturer. Benefitting the local community and millions of cheese lovers across the world, these dairy farmers are bringing more than just a contented and cheese-instigated smile. Established in 1954, MILSY has been a leading producer of dairy products in Central Europe for sixty-five years. Traditional cheese spreads are already famous domestically in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with international acclaim growing by the day. As cheese becomes an increasingly important source of protein besides meat, demand has rapidly grown and afforded potential access to new markets. Having secured contracts with major retailers such as Lidl, Kaufland, BILLA, CBA, and Co-Op, MILSY is producing dairy products for private labels all over the continent. Reverent of the firm’s own rich heritage in the dairy industry, this group of Slovakian dairy manufacturers recognise that the authenticity of their product quality speaks for itself. Expertly blending tradition with originality, MILSY’s range of products show off the heritage and pure taste of cheese through fresh dairy products, steamed smoked and unsmoked cheeses, and spreads with a multitude of flavours. Boasting the very best dairy products that Slovakia has to offer, MILSY’s range also includes fresh milk products, yoghurts, spreads, creams, gastro products, cheese specialties, as well as steamed smoked and unsmoked cheeses. Packing in punches of flavour amongst the sweet dreamy creaminess, each cheese is carefully crafted with the attention to detail it deserves. Pleasantly delicious without overpowering the senses, each block, wheel, thread or twist encapsulates more than sixty years of Slovakian dairy history into its pure, milky taste. Of course, the success of any Slovakian dairy producer is almost entirely dependent on his trustworthiness amongst Slovakia’s cow breeders. Only those who have a constant supply of fresh milk can maintain their position at the top of the industry. MILSY is currently working alongside Slovakia’s cow breeders and farmers to add new suppliers of fresh milk to its ever-growing portfolio. With increased manufacturing requiring twice as much milk as ever before, the company is planning to increase its annual milk consumption from 36 million litres, to 72 million litres, accounting for one thirteenth of nationwide milk production. Increased manufacturing demand has come about thanks to breakthrough investments for the company, enabling it to upgrade systems and deliver even more beautifully- crafted cheeses. The investment into MILSY enabled it to fund more cheese manufacturing space in the main hall, as well as a packing room and smokehouse that doubles as a warehouse. Investment-enabled new technology replaced forty-year-old machinery and saw the installation of new production lines. Initial investments have seen production jump up fifty percent, enabling the firm to produce more than 300 tons of steamed cheese per month. As the money keeps coming in, the monthly production of steamed cheese is expected to rise to 500 tons. As MILSY seeks to continue its domination of the dairy industry across the Trenčín Region, the continued partnership and trustworthiness between it and Slovakia’s cow breeders is central. As international demand grows louder, continuing to produce some of the region’s most authentic, flavourful, and delicious cheese is what has made this divine dairy producer into the industrial powerhouse it is today. Company: MILSY, a.s. Contact: Júlia Bobušová Website: MILSY, a.s. Best Manufacturer of Traditional Dairy Products 2019 - Trenčín