Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 92 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Boldy entering into their 3rd year, Ymakan’s unique concept and business model continues to open doors across the Middle East and Asia Pacific for up and coming F&B brands looking to export. They ensure that the Food & Beverage brands they represent are in the right market, at the right time, through the right channels and in front of the right buyers. We take a closer look at their already impressive success. Co-founded by Sarah Motwali and Vanessa Linney in 2017 and having since built a strong and experienced multi-lingual team of mixed cultures, Ymakan are a global organisation, specialising in Food & Beverage brand development. Their main expertise is helping innovative and success driven Food & Beverage brands looking to export to the Middle Eastern and Asia Pacific markets and help navigate their way to success. With more than 25 years collectively spent within the Food & Beverage industry, their experience has armed them with a unique perspective across all areas including the ever changing and in some parts, never changing retail, food service and manufacturing channels, supply chain, hospitality and media enabling them to navigate their clients through the many complexities of the market without wasting time and investment on risky projects or ultimately failure due to lack of market knowledge. Ymakan understands better than most, the challenges that the Food & Beverage industry faces on a daily basis such as food costs, logistics, ingredient quality, temperature control, wastage, sustainability issues and help to lighten the load on the seemingly never-ending hoops that brands have to jump through in order to get their product into the right customer, when attempting it alone. They are transparent and upfront about the opportunities available and passionate about the success of the brands they choose to represent. Whether a Food & Beverage brand looking to enter into the region, or one that needs additional focus on the ground to expand further, Ymakan can help. Their success so far has seen them launch an impressive amount of food & beverage brands into the region, as well as grow existing ones, from large multinational brands, smaller unique Food & Beverage companies, farmers and manufacturers. Ymakan brand partners boast success in entering new markets in less than 6 months and their more established partners realising uplifts in sales numbers in excess of 400%. Whether managing the export journey from A-Z, or simply increasing sales and market growth within the region through direct sales to buyers or creatively targeted marketing campaigns you can be sure you will be fully informed before you start your Ymakan journey. Ymakan employ several techniques to ensure the smooth integration of a new brand into a new marketplace. These include working closely alongside ‘the right fit’ distributors and potential buyers to help manage a robust and efficient route to market, smooth delivery, fair margins and the right marketing and promotions. The corporate and competitive landscape of the Middle East & Asia Pacific is changing all the time, bringing with it new regulations, evolving consumer tastes, and rapidly- moving trends. For F&B brands looking to expand to the region, having the benefit of insider knowledge and ‘feet on the ground’ inside the country, representing their brand can give them a much-needed competitive edge over the other brands looking to cement themselves in the region. Ymakan is dedicated to working with its clients in a way that is leading the industry in client relations. By remaining dedicated to working with all partners along the chain as well as its brands, Ymakan have become trusted advisors in quite a unique style for their clients, consistently committed to delivering quality, excellence, and sustainable success throughout the whole process. Already, Ymakan has a busy 2020 planned. As part of their expansion strategy; focus will be on sustainable products and technologies which will help fight against the plastic problem in Asia and the rest of the world. They will be attending various food and beverage shows in Asia, Europe and the UK; the team will be on hand to meet new and existing customers. As part of their CSR commitment, Ymakan freely share their knowledge and experience with communities and youth in remote Indonesian villages that are battling with the destruction of their rainforests, homes and orangutans. Company: Ymakan FZ LLC Contact: Sarah Motwali CEO and Co-founder [email protected] +971 50 343 9649 +62 85 333 016407 Vanessa Linney Managing Partner and Co-founder [email protected] +971 544 341 919 Website: Ymakan FZ LLC Recognised Experts in Food Brand Development 2019 - Middle East and Asia Pacific