Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 12 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Cuisine by Celine is dedicated to helping people who need to change their diet for medical reasons. The focus has always been on helping people become healthier by incorporating foods they need for their specific health conditions and removing those that they can no longer have, for whatever reason. There are a great many medical reasons why someone might need to change their diet. It could be diabetes, cancer, celiac, heart conditions, weight loss, Crohn’s, high cholesterol levels, allergies, intolerances, post-surgery recovery, or any one of a veritable myriad of options. What remains absolutely crucial for all of these people is the fact that they do make lasting changes to their diet in order to give them the best possible chance at a healthier and longer life than they otherwise would have had. One of the most important areas to the service provided by Celine Fabre at Cuisine by Celine is education. Educating is a big part of what the firm does, as people are often exposed to a lot of information that can sometimes mislead them. Many times, Celine and her team have come to realize that people think they do the right things when they very often do not do the right things. On a gastronomy level, Cuisine by Celine works with its customers’ medical teams to ensure that all medical recommendations and restrictions are followed to the letter. In addition, the firm makes sure that it takes into consideration its clients’ various personal Many people choose to change their diet for a wide variety of reasons. Some people want to lose weight, some people want to bulk up, and some people want to maintain and stay exactly where they already are. However, there are some people who need to change their diet for medical reasons, and this requires a detailed and in-depth knowledge of food to be made possible. Cuisine by Celine is there for people such as these, and we profile the firm’s work to find out more. Oct20357 Cuisine by Celine Most Innovative Chef for Health & Wellness Cuisine (USA): Celine Fabre tastes, preferences, and lifestyle so that the resulting meal plan will make it as easy as possible for them to follow their diet and ensure success in recovery and longevity of life. Restrictions on food does not have to mean that the food provided is less luxurious that one would get at a Michelin-starred establishment. Cuisine by Celine creates tailored menus for each of its customers, and these menus are designed to take into consideration every piece of information from the client and their medical teams. It takes into consideration what can and cannot be cooked, and what the client would prefer for themselves. Celine and her team provide only the freshest high quality products, and work to create every meal from scratch. Every meal is cooked specifically for each of the clients to fit all their nutritional needs with delicious flavours. Cuisine by Celine has been cooking for the at-risk population for many years, including autoimmune patients, cancer patients, and the elderly. All the precautions that have been taken throughout the COVID-19 pandemic are what the firm has been doing on a daily basis