Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 13 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards for years. For this reason, the firm’s working processes have not changed throughout 2020, and Cuisine by Celine continues to work with the highest sanitizing processes to ensure the safest environment for its customers. If anything, COVID-19 has brought more patients and customers to the work that Cuisine by Celine has done. In everything, the firm is very customer-oriented, and makes sure that it carefully listens to their needs in order to give them the best. Celine herself often tells her clients that the goal is to ensure that they no longer need her services after a while because they feel better, and know how to handle their own diet without any assistance. What makes Cuisine by Celine so unique and interesting for its clients is that no-one else in the industry does what the firm does. Celine herself has always been willing to help people who need to change their diet for medical reasons, because of a very personal reason: her son almost died in her arms at just two years old because of his food allergies. She has been a first-hand witness to the frustration of a little boy not being able to eat what everybody else was eating, as well as the fear that eating something not good for him might set off a dangerous biological chain reaction. Later in Celine’s personal and professional life, she was seeing that same level of frustration and fear from many others, and knew that she could do something about it. Celine knew that she could make food taste amazing, even though many ingredients had to be removed for safety. That is something that Celine wanted to share, so that people could enjoy the food that was good for them, and still had a luxury taste to it. Despite the fact that the work can be incredibly challenging due to the extreme restrictions placed on some diets, Celine knows that her work is also immensely rewarding. In everything that the firm does, Celine ensures that her team are very attentive to the customer’s needs, professional to the highest standard, delivering high quality products all the time, and keen to display culinary creativity. Maintaining the highest standard of food quality and sanitation is also key, but the food is the primary service delivered by the business. Cuisine by Celine is always adding new menu items that are based on new clients who have a medical condition that needs to be catered for, and there is always something new, innovative, creative, and exciting on the menu. Ensuring that everyone has a chance to try these exceptional dishes, Cuisine by Celine also has an online store that provides healthy options at a more reasonable price that the one of a personal chef. The online options are elaborated, based on the recommendations of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. They are overall healthy, and full of luxurious flavours. Ultimately, Cuisine by Celine’s work is vital in helping vulnerable and at-risk individuals enjoy their food once more. Food does not have to be restrictive for anyone; there are so many flavours and combinations that can come together to create mouth-watering goodness, and everyone can experience that. Celine’s service is an outstanding one, and is fully deserving of this success in the Food and Drink Awards 2020 from LUXlife Magazine. Company: Cuisine by Celine Contact: Celine Fabre Website: