Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 14 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards It has been created by the Italian Vegetarian Association but development has been done together with our partners the V-Label trademark has since become a globally well-recognised and trusted identifier for vegetarian and vegan products. Since the distinctive leaf symbol was first presented at the first European Vegetarian Congress in 1985, V-Label has been working with a broad spectrum of manufacturers and service providers to ensure and certify that their product is 100% vegetarian or vegan. Following a very strict criteria, V-Label does not accept self-declarations, but goes through a rigorous process to ensure that they only approve products which are completely compliant. V-Label starts by checking all documentation, then the ingredients, including any additives or coadjutants that may have been used throughout the manufacturing process. If any product is deemed to be not totally compliant or to present risk factors, V-Label manages an onsite inspection by a third-party qualified inspector. As a warranty for both final consumers and producers, V-Label will not certify any product that does not align with their strict measures, even if this represents a financial loss to the firm itself. However, V-Label is always keen to engage in a discussion with the producers of any rejected As the worldwide demographic of vegetarian and vegan consumers continues to grow at an exponential rate, the V-Label certification is becoming more important and consequently, well-recognised on a global scale. Committed to quality, transparency and professionalism in the field of vegan certification, the iconic leaf symbol of V-Label allows companies of all shapes and sizes to safely promote the vegetarian and vegan products safely and reliably. We went to find out a bit more about this Italian concept that has taken off in the thirty years since its inception. Sep20344 V Label Italia Leading Champions of Vegan & Vegetarian Certification 2020 products so that they can make the necessary adjustments to make their product eligible for the V-Label trademark. With a company philosophy that centres around ‘Inspiring The Change’ to more plant-based lifestyles, V-Label has made it one of its principal missions to help manufacturers reach new targets of consumers through their offerings, which can proudly and transparently declare themselves to be V-Label compliant. Consequently, V-Label is contributing to the rapid developments being seen in the food and commercial industry and is in return remaining agile to keep up with the changing demands and trends whilst always remaining true to the V-Label identity. For example, the firm recently added the ‘Raw Vegan’ category to its certifications, answering the needs of an increasing demographic of consumers. All of the V-Label certifications can be applied to a complete variety of goods, from food and beverage to cosmetics, textiles to shoes, within catering establishments, hotels and restaurants. Constantly expanding their reach, V-Label exhibits flexibility and agility on a regular basis to ensure their certifications are always relevant. As such, V-Label has built its team from individuals who take pride in their meticulous attention to detail and precision, as well as demonstrate a natural curiosity that can be implemented into the rigorous research process that goes into certifying every potential V-Label product. The team brings together their broad- ranging expertise that they have each cultivated from various pathways through the food industry, so as to learn and grow together. As such, V-Label is a reliable, trustworthy brand that takes their duty in certification very seriously. The team encourages companies to attain high standards in the manufacture of their products, going above and beyond to educate their clients on how they can reach out to their target consumers, particularly those who are vegetarian and vegan. As the firm continues expanding its global reach - which already extends to more than seventy countries and growing - together with its companies and customers, V-Label is making the vital, tangible efforts to improve the food and commercial industries for a better, more sustainable future. Contact: Sophia Somaschi Company: V Label Italia Web Address: