Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 19 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Established in 2009 by Master Distiller, Eric Gietman and his family on the small island of Bonaire, the Cadushy Distillery has grown from a small start-up to a thriving company that produces a drink unlike any other; a rum made with cactus. The island of Bonaire is an oasis of paradise in the Southern Caribbean that perfectly epitomises the unhurried, unspoiled and unforgettable Caribbean spirit. A harmonious community of people who greet each other in the street, respect and support each other and live peacefully together. Bonaire’s island life is encapsulated in every one of Cadushy’s offerings, giving customers a taste of the Spirit of Bonaire. Situated in the heart of Rincon, Bonaire’s oldest settlement, the distillery is the only one of its kind on the island, surrounded by buildings packed with history and a garden that thrives with ancient Calbas trees, Lora parrots and hummingbirds. Attracting around 25,000 visitors every year, Cadushy is a favourite stop of curious travellers and adventurous drinkers. Eric, a long-time rum enthusiast, established Cadushy in order to create a rum that he would love and would also be in keeping his adage, ‘drink different’. The family business is the perfect cohesion of professionalism and fun, that has a passion for high quality products and customer service and strives for personal and team growth. This all comes together with the team’s united desire to create delicious drinks that are unlike any other in the world. Using the island’s undiscovered local spices such as Yerba di Holé and Kadushi Cactus, and a blend of originality, authenticity and Caribbean cultural heritage, Eric has created a vast array of Nestled in the heart of the oldest settlement of Bonaire, Rincón, the Cadushy Distillery has been providing the ultimate experience for adventurous drinkers and intrepid travellers for over a decade, that centres around their unique offering; a rum made with cacti. Produced responsibly and sustainably, Rom Rincón is created by their team of craftsmen using local ingredients to distil an exquisite concoction Rom Rincón, The Spirit of Bonaire. Sep20395 The Cadushy Distillery Best Emerging Rum Distillery - Caribbean delicious liqueurs and spirits, including the distillery’s award-winning Rom Rincón. To preserve the complex and rich flavours of the pot-still-distilled spirit, Eric does not chill filter Rom Rincón, resulting in a smooth, sweet and spiced rum unlike any other. Perfect for both mixing and sipping, Rom Rincón is a firm favourite for visitors to the distillery and many drinkers around the world. Now a household name on the island of Bonaire, the Rom Rincón achieved international recognition in 2017 after winning the Gold Outstanding Trophy in the Rum & Cola competition at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. Although Rom Rincón had initially only been available on Bonaire, Cadushy’s success in London opened up opportunities to export to Europe, marking the start of a whole new international adventure. As international demand for Rom Rincón grew, the Gietman family made some major plans for expansion, that begun with founding their subsidiary in the Netherlands, where they opened a sales office and two warehouses, as well as another warehouse in Germany. From here, Eric hopes that Rom Rincón will carve out its niche in the global market and grow to become a brand recognised around the world. By continuing to follow their simple passion of producing great drinks and combining their rebellious industry approach with exceptional craftsmanship, Cadushy’s authentic brand is well on its way to achieving Eric and his team’s vision. As the Cadushy Distillery expands its global reach, more and more people are being given a taste of the Spirit of Bonaire through each sip of Rom Rincón and learning all about the hidden gem of the Southern Caribbean, the island paradise that is Bonaire. What started as a dream just over ten years ago is now a flourishing business on Bonaire. Today, the distillery has even bigger dreams to make Rom Rincón into a global brand. We cannot wait to see this dream brought to life. Contact: Eric Gietman Company: The Cadushy Distillery Website: