Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 26 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards The story of Skoutari begins many centuries ago, in the 17th century Cretan romance ‘Erotokritos’, in which a besotted youth fought for the love of his dear Aretousa, protected only by his shield, ‘skoutari’. Fast forward a few hundred years ago and ‘skoutari’ is still acting as a shield, protecting the health of consumers of the organic, extra virgin olive oil produced on the fertile island of Crete. In 2000, Anargyros and Maria decided to cultivate the Vardas family groves that were rich in the Koroneiki variety of olives. Beginning at the historic village of Krista, the groves today cover almost sixty acres of the Prefecture of Lasithi and are carefully harvested with respect for nature and tradition to produce the highest- quality olives which in turn, produce distinctly flavoured, balanced olive oil that is both delicious and remedial. The initial mission for Skoutari Olive Oil was to produce something made from pure ingredients and exceptional raw materials that had generously been provided by nature, that could be consumed by Anargyros and Maria’s children so they could enjoy good health and clarity of mind. It is for this reason that Skoutari is produced to such elevated standards, going through strictly biological practices and confirmed biochemical and organoleptic analyses to ensure purity of oil. These are implemented alongside the insights gained from research into new, innovative methods that are carried out in collaboration ‘Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food’. Hippocrates ancient admonition is a philosophy that still holds a great deal of wisdom in the 21st century. Skoutari Olive Oil is the proof; an exceptional organic, extra virgin olive oil with boundless health benefits, that is produced from olives sustainably grown and harvested in a family- owned olive grove on the island of Crete. Two decades since Skoutari was created and with a host of accolades behind it, the family-run business is now celebrating further success at the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards 2020. Sep20399 Skoutari Olive Oil Most Conscientious Organic Olive Oil Producers - Greece with Professor Prokopis Mayiatis of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The findings from this research have not only enabled Skoutari to attain the highest qualities in the olive oil produced, but also shown that the oil which is rich in polyphenols can also be used as a pharmaceutical product, a testament to Hippocrates teachings about food as medicine. Polyphenols are micronutrients packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits, particularly for aiding and treating digestion and weight management issues, diabetes, neurogenerative and cardiovascular diseases. As a result, Skoutari has a certified health rating on its label (according to EU Regulation 432/2012), has been included in the list of the World Olive Oil Centre for Health with high and awards for its delicious and healthy goodness. However, whilst Skoutari is putting together plans to increase the global reach of their miracle product, their philosophy remains consistent and their dedication to sustainable farming is unwavering. Produced exclusively in small batches harvested by the Vardas family from their own groves, Skoutari’s development is done sustainably and with total respect for nature. The oil may be famed for its benefits to the wellbeing of consumers, but it is also outstanding in its efforts for protecting the wellbeing of the environment and the people who create the olive oil. The Greek word ‘meraki’ is one that is synonymous with passion that is accompanied by hard work. For the team behind Skoutari, ‘meraki’ is absolutely applicable to the production of their olive oil and as such, every individual who joins the Skoutari family is recruited based on their shared passion and their enthusiasm to share and learn as much as possible about the oil and its cultivation. Together, the team is therefore able to expand and develop their knoweldge, consistently evolving their oil so it fulfils its potential in taste and pharmaceutical benefits. Like many growing enterprises, Skoutari has faced its fair share of challenges over the years, but rarely more so than in the past year alone, thanks to the global Covid-19 outbreak, the resultant lockdown and the uncertainty and economic pressures they presented. However, the crisis has demonstrated how vital it is, not only to invest in healthy eating and quality raw materials, but to stay true to the values upon which a business is built. With these two truths in mind, Skoutari has determinedly built a sales network that is constantly expanding through patience, perseverance and ambition. As Skoutari’s presence on the global market becomes more significant, it is clear that the company, which has been nurtured on the little island of Crete, is destined for greatness on a global scale. Contact: Maria Sgourou Company: Skoutari Olive Oil Web Address: