Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 28 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Magic Stamp was formally launched in Spring 2019, initially with the view of supporting independent businesses on the high street. Providing a modernised version of the proven loyalty card concept, Magic Stamp is a non- invasive, frictionless, digital loyalty platform that is changing the way retailers around the world look after their clients. Creating beautifully branded digital loyalty cards for thousands of retail businesses in one accessible and intuitive app, Magic Stamp is just as simple as a regular loyalty card. Users simply download the app, without needing to sign up, and present the digital loyalty card to their server, who will then use the handy magic stamp device to ‘stamp’ the screen. There is no complicated tech, Bluetooth, batteries, QR codes or expensive integrations; just the Stamp and a touch of magic. Magic Stamp was not created to overcomplicate an established system that works, but to improve it for the digital age. After the digital loyalty boom approximately six years ago, many other companies tried to digitise loyalty schemes but committed a fatal error in using over- engineered tech that was not user-friendly. Key to Magic Stamp’s success has been its understanding of people and clients. Whilst other app or platform developers focus on each other, Magic Stamp has been concentrating Loyalty cards are the tried and tested method of retailers for rewarding their customers, generating repeat purchases and attracting new clients. However, the traditional paper models have become outdated as they are easily lost, often thrown away and rarely completed. Magic Stamp has reinvigorated the concept, retaining the beautiful simplicity of the concept but improving on it, with an app-based, digital loyalty platform. As the high street evolves in a new age of tech, Magic Stamp are ensuring businesses of all shapes and size are keeping up. Sep20341 Magic Stamp Best Multi-Brand Digital Loyalty Platform 2020 & Most Innovative Retail Product 2020 on the retail verticals in which it operates, constantly researching and learning how they can best support their clients. Predominantly, this analysis is based on communicating with their users and clients, visiting them to have a chat or immersing themselves in their venue to truly understand the essence of a business. These are the details that tech suppliers are often prone to missing, but Magic Stamp consider vital in evolving their service. Since its official launch in 2019, Magic Stamp has experienced staggering exponential growth, being used in over 500 locations across seventeen countries, with around 100,000 users. Principally focusing on physical businesses seeking repeat custom, Magic Stamp’s client base consists predominantly of coffee shops, QSR, fast and casual restaurants, pubs and more verticals in retail. These are usually the most forward-thinking businesses on the market, who are looking to gain more regular customers and reward loyal custom, without simply giving away free stuff. Therefore, the app’s ‘Magic Portal’ for businesses also provides anonymised insights that gives access to powerful proof of presence to identify consumer behaviour and measure success. Using this data, businesses can then use the other Magic Stamp tools such as creating campaigns to drive footfall, Magic Codes which rewards customers, even when they are shopping from home and vouchers that allow customers to pay ahead for their friends. The latter two concepts were ideas dreamt up and implemented throughout the first national Covid-19 lockdown, as Magic Stamp decided not to furlough their staff but step up their efforts to improve their offerings for businesses and users alike. With people constantly in mind, the firm also froze all payments and extended contracts for every business immediately for as long as businesses were unable to trade. This had a huge impact to revenue but the support offered to clients was invaluable, with businesses from all over thanking Magic Stamp for the gesture. It is the thoughtfulness and people-centric approach to business that has truly united the Magic Stamp team, who also share an authentic passion for developing and growing their product. Collaborating and encouraging one another, Magic Stamp has cultivated a positive and supportive working environment that breeds innovation and good ideas, the most recent being the ability to share rewards earned, an idea which is being invested in heavily by the whole team. Magic Stamp is looking forward to the realisation of many more of these great ideas. Currently, the team are looking at how they can take the small amounts of manual work out of interrogating the insights in their backend portal to help guide what campaigns to create. To that end, Magic Stamp is exploring how artificial intelligence and machine learning could be utilised to achieve this. There is no doubt that Magic Stamp will be one to watch over the months and years to come. Contact: Jaz Gill Company: Magic Stamp Website: Nick Marais, Head of Development Mark Stiles, Senior Sales Consultant Jaz Gill, CEO & Co-Founder George Emkes, Head of Product & Operations