Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 33 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Since 1987, Quesos Villarejo has been dedicated to the production of artisan Manchego cheese and artisan sheep cheese of an exceptionally high quality. Taking care of their products throughout its life until it goes on sale to customers, Quesos Villarejo is handles all of the details from the elaboration, in which they continue to manufacture cheeses in the traditional way but adapting the process with new technologies, to the different care and maintenance that has to be done to the products in the ripening chambers (turning, cleaning the rind with virgin olive oil and so on). Working with their cheeses with natural rind, Quesos Villarejo ensures that all of the treatments they do are natural. In addition to this, they also conduct various tastings of all batches to check that the cheese has the right flavour prior to selling it. Once the cheese has been sold, the team explain to customers the qualities of their products so that they have as much information as possible. In the industry currently, businesses such as Quesos Villarejo are dedicated to the manufacturing of quality artisan products, but find themselves in a market that is overwhelmed with industrial products. It is a firm belief at Quesos Villarejo that their work should oriented to educating the client on the benefits of consuming quality artisan cheeses, which is why they undertake a number of various action to ensure that the consumers can try their products. With business across the world having to discover new ways to operate during the Committed to offering the highest quality Manchego cheese and other products, Quesos Villarejo works closely with importers of artisan products from across the world, as well as locally in Spain with gourmet stores and supermarket chains that stock their products. With a vast selection of delightful products on offer, we took a closer look at Quesos Villarejo to discover more about how they have evolved throughout the years into one of the best Manchego cheese producers in Spain today. Oct20141 Quesos Artesanos Villarejo S.L. Best Manchego Cheese Producer - Spain Covid-19 pandemic, Quesos Villarejo are just one of many who have had to change the way they work and how they carry out actions. Currently the firm have a lot of work to do within this dynamic sector, but they are fortunate enough to have a selection of wonderful products which all hold great potential. In order to succeed within this diverse sector, in Quesos Villarejo’s opinion, you need to be a great connoisseur of the product, know from how it is manufactured to the last detail of the product in its maturation process, as well as be aware of the different market trends to know how and where to offer your products in the right places. As Quesos Villarejo continue to build on their enviable reputation, the business is currently in the process of international expansion to deliver their products further afield. In the future, the team at Quesos Villarejo will continue betting on quality products, new varieties, and trying to bring both their products and enhance the fact that unpopulated areas such as the one they are in, may have a little advertising out about their products. To date, Quesos Villarejo has been the recipient of countless awards including, Rome International Contest 2019: Gold Medal, World Cheese Awards 2019: 2 Super gold and 2 gold medals, Singapore Taste Awards 2019: 4 Gold and 3 Silver medals and their most recent being recognised in LUXlife’s Food and Drink Awards 2020. With all these awards safely secured under their belt, it is no wonder that Quesos Villarejo has earned a mass following for their delicious selection of cheese and a reputation for being the one of the best Manchego cheese producers in Spain. Contact: Diego Álvarez Company: Quesos Artesanos Villarejo S.L. Web Address: