Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 34 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Established on 25 years’ extensive experience, the German company, Masande, develops success-oriented sales structures which maintain long-term growth. Alongside this, the firm also strategically and intelligently places their clients’ culinary products and concepts into the market both nationally and internationally. Like the company name, Masande’s logo is also strongly influenced by their South African roots. The upward-looking giraffe is the symbol of growth: initially a rapid rise, which then solidifies in a constant increase. Using their long necks and sharp eyes, the sociable and gentle creatures have a good overview of their surroundings. Behind their peaceful nature, is a strength that they rarely use. However, when they do, the giraffe shows itself as a force to be reckoned with. At Masande, the sociable and caring team share similar personality characteristics as giraffes. The team at Masande value one another’s personalities, knowledge and willingness to always give their very best. This tight bond is how the award- winning consultancy is able to achieve results which satisfy themselves and, more importantly, their clients. Through this unique approach to work, their customers and also their internal culture, Masande have accumulated a diverse range of clients over the years. To date, the firm have worked with brands such as McDonalds, Aramark and Hans im Glück and also Wholesalers who deliver to smaller Restaurants, Hotels and Catering Providers. Since their inception, Masande has had a meteoric rise to success. Operating within Masande, comes from the Xhosa language and means “Let us Prosper!”, spiritually, socially and also economically. For Masande GmbH, the meaning behind their name lays the foundation for the business through comprehensive export strategies for the introduction of selected products. Having recently been awarded the LUX Award for Innovation in Product Development, we took a closer look at Masande to discover more about one of the best food service sales and marketing consultancies operating in Europe today. Oct20073 Masande GmbH Best Food Service Sales & Marketing Consultancy – Europe & LUX Award for Innovation in Product Development such a dynamic industry, which is constantly evolving, can be challenging. For Masande, they are always one step ahead of the rest. Implementing a ‘Success = Knowledge’ approach, which is multiplied by the number of people this is shared with, the team are innovative and first movers who have a deep understanding of their clients’ needs, production methods and what exactly it is they are looking for. This year has truly tested businesses across the world on their ability to overcome unforeseeable obstacles. Whether it was finding new ways to operate, working from home or reducing the number of staff, the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly tested the limits for many. At Masande, the firm has had to alter their operations following the lockdown restrictions, as they supply products to casual dining chains, restaurants and hotels. Unfortunately, these establishments were some of the hardest hit by the restrictions, as they were closed for three months. For Masande, they were quick to adapt to these changes, and refocused on a “To Go” delivery business, which they have successfully been able to implement. As many businesses begin to rebuild and reopen following restrictions in their area, Masande foresees a number of acquisitions occurring within the market where, possibly, insolvency or generating change is taking place. Planning ahead for the future, the firm is considering launching their own range of products into the Retail sector, using their food service experience to support them. Looking ahead, the future looks bright for the team at Masande as they continue to deliver their exceptional service which has seen receive a loyal base of clients, raving reviews and countless accolades all highlighting the wonderful work provided by LUXlife’s Best Food Service Sales & Marketing Consultancy – Europe. Contact: Andrew Fordyce Company: Masande GmbH Web Address: