Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 35 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Established in 1929 and incorporated in 1985, Chop Tong Guan imports from fresh fruits growing areas across the world to supply to supermarkets, wholesalers, traditional markets and online businesses. With distribution centres in Penang and Selangor, the firm’s facilities include cold- rooms, repacking facilities and a fleet of reefer trucks in the country enables them to be capable and qualified in serving and supplying major supermarkets with stringent control of products freshness, safety and hygiene. The strict management of inventory and turnaround time of the fruits in the cold room storage is to ensure they are well-kept to preserve the freshness, and deliver to clients with timely freshness and optimal taste. At Chop Tong Guan, the firm places a strong emphasis on good sourcing and efficient supply chain management. As such, their team of procurement are sourcing a good variety of fruits with a high demand of sensory taste and freshness. The fresh fruits business is perishable and fast paced, which is why Chop Tong Guan want their workforce to be attentive, hardworking, vigilant and at the same time can decide things spontaneously with the company interest at heart. Across the world, the Covid-19 has impacted businesses in various ways. For many, it has unfortunately caused firms and small businesses to close down. Others have had to find new ways to operate, whether that is reducing staff size or moving more of their services online. Fortunately for some, the pandemic has resulted in an increase in their business as they have had more sales and projects come their way. In Malaysia, the country has experienced a lockdown As a four generation family business, Chop Tong Guan is a major importer, wholesaler, marketer and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in Malaysia. With decades of experience and success in the industry, we decided to take a closer look at Chop Tong Guan to discover more about how they earned a reputation for being one of the best fresh fruit and vegetable importers operating in Malaysia today. Sep201133 Chop Tong Guan Sdn Bhd Best Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Importer 2020 - Malaysia which lasted a few months. Many businesses were only partially allowed to operate under strict guidance while, like many countries, supermarkets were able to operate as normal. At Chop Tong Guan, the pandemic has accelerated the e-commerce in their business as they have seen an increase in the online fresh fruits business. Chop Tong Guan is equipped with good facilities so they can pack fruits and supply to all supermarkets. As a result, business on normal and basic products is maintained (such as fruits), however premium products sales is a little bit slower. Keeping the momentum going, the team at Chop Tong Guan are hoping to expand the business in this sector following this online boom. In recent months, they have seen a rise in fresh and perishable businesses which require stringent cold chain logistics growing rapidly in the online sector. For now, the team here at LUXlife can not wait to see what the future has in store for Chop Tong Guan and how they continue to cement themselves as one of the best fresh fruit and vegetable importers in Malaysia. Contact: Koay Swee Aik Company: Chop Tong Guan Sdn Bhd Web Address: