Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 36 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards The Wentworth Patisserie, a bustling enterprise situated on the edge of the upmarket Wentworth Estate in Surrey’s picturesque village of Virginia Water, has been a family-run bakery whose story began over forty years ago, when owner Kate Kennedy’s father opened his shops and cafes in the area. Twenty years later, in 1999, Wentworth Patisserie came into being when Kate decided to take on the family business. With the help of her daughter, Charlotte, her niece, and the rest of the WP team, Kate has grown the Patisserie into an establishment that is well-known across Surrey and beyond for its tasty treats and exceptional service. The extensive menu includes breads, cakes, sandwiches, hot food, snacks and drinks, and the Patisserie also provides buffet platters and celebration cakes, all of which are freshly prepared and excellent value. With its smiley cupcake logo, appealing shop front and tantalising smells that waft out of the busy shop six days a week, the Patisserie welcomes hundreds of guests, from regular local residents, tradespeople and visitors who come from all over to see the nearby Windsor Great Park. Thanks to the shop’s loyal following and wonderful relationships it has built with its clientele, Kate and her team are able to stay in the know about what customers like and what they want to see more of. Recently, there has been an increased demand for healthier foods and the Patisserie has answered, using their innovative, fresh and in-house ideas to come up with new menu items that have lower fat and sugar content but are still just as delicious. The Patisserie’s already packed menu now also includes a comprehensive selection of vegan and gluten-free options, as part of the Patisserie’s continually successful efforts to innovate. The Patisserie’s devotion to excellence in customer service is vital to maintaining a thriving business, even in the midst of adversities such as the global pandemic. The Situated in the quaint village of Virginia Water, Wentworth Patisserie is the family-run business that has been over forty years in the making. Owned and managed by Kate Kennedy with the help of family and a devoted team, the Patisserie serves a smorgasbord of baked goods, handmade sandwiches, hot lunches and drinks to customers from all over, six days a week. Sep20779 Wentworth Patisserie Best Artisanal Bakery 2020 - Surrey bakery itself was meticulously cleaned and strict Covid-19 measures were put in place to ensure that customers would be able to continue enjoying the Patisserie’s selection of delicacies, confident in the knowledge that the wonderful WP staff would not allow their comfort or safety to be compromised. Even when the shop had to be closed in line with the government-imposed lockdown, Kate and her team were not to be deterred from their mission to continue feeding their loyal clients. In particular, their free deliveries to those who were self-isolating were gratefully received by the local community, whilst their recognition of the effects that more people working from home will have on their clientele has shown the Patisserie’s quick-thinking versatility. Whilst the pandemic has presented numerous challenges to businesses everywhere, for this resilient little bakery, it has been their chance to shine brighter than ever. For many larger or chain-retailers in the area, this adaptability is much harder to implement than it has been for the independent and agile bakery, and the positive feedback and reviews that inundate Google My Business and the Patisserie’s carefully curated social media pages are testament to the advantage this versatility gives the bakery over its competitors. However, it would not be possible to achieve this quick-thinking innovation if it weren’t for the enthusiasm and commitment of the WP team. It is through their collaboration that the Patisserie has been able to adapt to survive, combined with the meticulous care and creative flair that is baked into every bite of the Patisserie’s divine delicacies and the warm welcome that is doled out to every visitor of the bakery. Kate takes great pride in her team and the culture they have created of support and encouragement to one another that ensures each member is happy, enthusiastic and eager to ensure every customer who comes into contact with the Patisserie leaves satisfied and very well fed. As the recipients of the Best Artisanal Bakery 2020 award, Wentworth Patisserie is delighted to consider the award an acknowledgement of their remarkable growth over the past forty years and the motivation to work towards another forty years of success, service and delicious pastries. Contact: Steve Donovan Company: Wentworth Patisserie Web Address: