Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 39 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Time has never stood still for Yacht Club Punta del Este. Since the launch of the club, Yacht Club Punta del Este has been constantly evolving to create the club that it’s thousand plus members know and deeply love today. Since the clubhouse was built in 1946, the yacht club has expanded significantly in 1980 and again in 1985. Today, the club now owns two buildings, the clubhouse and ‘yateste’ located on the same street. Clearly, innovation is important to Riccardo and his team. The restaurant at the clubhouse has been successful in winning awards within the LUXlife Food and Drink Awards for two years running now and it is clear to see why. With their exquisite dishes, blended with the beautiful views across the bay and the dedicated and impeccable service provided by staff, it is easy to understand how they have been able to withstand the test of time and continue to deliver great service. The team are truly committed to their customers, ensuring that high quality standards are maintained at all times. Many of the team members have been with Yacht Club Punta del Este more than two decades and ensuring that the right individuals are recruited is certainly a must. A common admiration for Yacht Club Punta del Este which is shared amongst club members, is how quality, great, honest and welcoming interrelationships is genuinely valued. The team at Yacht Club Punta del Este understand the value of their relationship with their customers and so they ensure that their members are at the forefront of every decision they make. Yacht Club Punta del Este is a luxury yacht club based in Maldonado, Uruguay. Founded in 1924, it has risen throughout the years into one of the most highly-regarded yacht clubs in the area and is also home to one of the most distinguished restaurants. Looking at these achievements alone, it is clear to see why Yacht Club Punta del Este’ restaurant was recently awarded Best Seafood Dining Experience - Southeast Uruguay in the 2020 LUXlife Food and Drink Awards. On the back of this win, we caught up with Ricardo Guillemette to discover what has led to their extraordinary success. Oct20039 Yacht Club Punta del Este Best Seafood Dining Experience - Southeast Uruguay Like many other businesses within the industry, Covid-19 has certainly had an impact on the firm and the team have made some major adjustments as a result. From early on in the pandemic, the team understood that they must adhere to guidelines and evolve their business in order to maintain their members’ trust. During this unprecedented time, Yacht Club Punta del Este have been able to increase their customer footfall during this period! As the team plan ahead for the future, one thing Yacht Club Punta del Este is always looking to create is more yachting events, which they hope to maintain over the coming years. The club have hosted international races such as Cape Town-Punta del Este; Whitbread Round the World Race; BOC Around Alone; Velux 5 Oceans, Global Ocean Race, Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and the Rolex South Atlantic Circuit. Such events are loved by their members and are a great focus for driving the firm forward. LUXlife look forward to hearing more about the club’s future endeavours and hope to visit their amazing restaurant soon. Company: Yacht Club Punta del Este Contact: Ricardo Guillemette Website: “If a firm is determined to succeed in this sector, listening to its customers is key, as is the drive to finding solutions for their needs. Other attributes which we consider to be essential include understanding the competition, the desire and drive to innovate, ensuring your customers know you care about them and above all smile!”