Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 42 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Foodbuy is a leading food procurement organisation based in the UK. With over £1bn of managed spend, the company represents the widest range of foodservice and hospitality clients with whom they work to buy food, retail, non-food and supporting services. Working closely with each client, Foodbuy deliver expert procurement services. They save both time and money, enabling clients to focus on their own business and achieve their company goals. Foodbuy is part of Compass Group UK & Ireland. The group is both Foodbuy’s parent company and it’s largest client. Foodbuy purchase directly from manufacturers and growers, with it’s suppliers ranging from the most recognised brands in the industry to regional, local and social enterprise providers. In order to provide the most efficient service possible, Foodbuy have developed it’s own electronic systems to manage the full procurement process. Its market-leading eProcurement and Procure to Pay (P2P) systems turn data into powerful information while making purchasing products easy. As the largest food procurement business in the UK, Foodbuy is in a position to effect change. Matt Wall, Head of Marketing and Communications at Foodbuy said that the company takes its responsibilities as a conscientious company seriously. “One thing for is certain is that global food processes and supply chains need to change, and food procurement companies need to move with society if we want to avoid causing irreparable damage to the planet.” As such, Foodbuy are always looking at food procurement innovations that can improve every aspect of the supply chain and Foodbuy’s company goals go far beyond helping their customers save money. They are a food procurement business that uses its position, influence and systems to reimagine the food supply chain. The team at Foodbuy dream big and help to make visions a reality, driving sustainability and responsible purchasing through the supply chain for positive change. Sep20724 Foodbuy UK Food Procurement Business of the Year – UK drive value. Responsible sourcing, battling food waste and single-use plastics, and supporting social enterprises are central to Foodbuy’s core business values. “The most important thing to us is clear and transparent information on what we supply and where it has come from,” Matt explained. “Responsible sourcing is at the heart of our business. That’s why we’ve partnered with Oritain who operate globally and specialise in the traceability of products. Using forensic science and data analysis, they can test a product at any stage in the supply chain and trace it back to its origin. Oritain work with Foodbuy’s core food suppliers of red meat, fish and seafood to scientifically verify the true origin of products by carrying out independent and trusted scientific product analysis.” Foodbuy’s partnership with Oritain isn’t the only way the company keeps itself responsible. Foodbuy do everything they can to reduce food waste and fight hunger in the UK. To this end, they partner with FareShare, a UK based charity fighting these important issues. “We also believe social enterprises are essential for a successful future,” Matt continued. “By working directly with social enterprise suppliers, we use our procurement spend and influence to support a diverse breadth of social enterprise businesses and in doing so, we’re changing lives for the better. That’s why we’ve joined the Buy Social Corporate Challenge.” Through the company’s partnership with Change Please, an award-winning social enterprise coffee company empowering homeless people as baristas, the company has, so far, supported over 60 people out of homelessness. And when it comes to plastic usage? “Our approach is to reduce, reuse and recycle single-use plastics across our food and drink supply chains. If this isn’t possible, we review how we can source alternative products that meet the requirement. We do this by either completely removing plastic products by switching to other materials (think paper straws instead of plastic straws) or moving to more recyclable versions for products that can’t be switched.” “Credibility is everything to us. Through our network of trusted food and non-food suppliers, we’re able to source what clients need at the highest quality and always at the best market value.” From plastic use and food waste to social change and local sourcing, Foodbuy is well positioned to help make positive changes for foodservice and hospitality businesses - a position that they take seriously. Through its responsible dealings, Foodbuy is helping to make the industry better. Contact: [email protected] Company: Foodbuy UK Website: