Food & Drink Awards 2020 Page 43 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Statistics show America consumes over 146 billion cups of coffee per year. With figures like this, it is easy to establish the fact that Americans love their coffee. This love for the beverage makes the coffee industry a very competitive and ever changing one. Yet within this extremely competitive and dynamic environment, Bravura Press, Inc. has managed to achieve something no In the coffee industry, there is one thing that holds true to coffee lovers and professionals everywhere: the French press brewing method yields the most pleasurable cup of coffee. Considering this, one would think that this method reigns supreme in the coffee industry. Shockingly though, it is regularly overlooked. Why is this? Business owners across the globe will tell you it is because this method is time consuming, messy, and often yields only a small amount of coffee to the disproportionately larger crowds. This makes it virtually impossible for businesses to use this method when serving coffee to multiple customers in a short period of time. This is where the LUXlife 2020 Food and Drink Awards winner, Bravura Press, Inc. comes in as the Best Coffee Brewer Manufacturing Company- USA. They are pioneers in delivering the delightful body and flavor of French press coffee to the masses- without the burdens that come along with it. We spoke with Bravura Press, Inc.’s President and CEO, Julie Spitzley to discuss exactly what it is that sets them apart from other coffee brewer manufacturing companies and, ultimately, why they merit this accolade. Sep20248 Bravura Press, Inc. Best Coffee Brewer Manufacturing Company - USA “Bravura Press has artistically solved any issue keeping the French press from mainstream coffee locations. Aside from being a beautiful piece of art with the 1937 Bugatti Gangloff Drop Head Coupe as its muse, it can continuously brew three litres of coffee every 6:30 minutes. It is also an easy to clean brewer. Simple to use. Energy saving. Most importantly to the coffee connoisseurs, it creates an incredible velvety and rich coffee.” other coffee company has: a way to step around these traditional French press burdens and open the doors for businesses to wisely produce and deliver the ultimate flavour and depth of coffee to their customers. As Julie explains, “Bravura Press Inc. manufactures the first ever automated high-volume commercial French press. As a bonus, it also saves more energy for the average coffee shop. Founded by coffee roasters determined to bring a brewing system to the commercial industry that produces the most truthful and elegant cup of coffee, we accomplished our goal while engineering out the traditional mess of the French press. Our base clientele is anywhere that serves coffee where high quality is appreciated, such as: retail coffee establishments, restaurants, offices, and even larger homes that entertain guests with discerning taste.” Besides creating an innovation, something else that stands out about Bravura Press Inc. is the passion of those working within the company. This is a company made up of a group of coffee lovers, treating each other as family and focused on improving specialty coffee. “Bravura Press Inc. has organically attracted coffee lovers who understand the pleasurable upgrade of coffee when it is brewed in a Bravura Press.” “We are not like the IT companies wheeling around the office on roller skates or bikes. We don’t play ping pong to ease our stress. Instead, we commune over Bravura Press brewed coffee and discuss business. That is our relaxation. It is a time of creation and we thrive on it. You may see our office dog taking a nap on a stack of spent burlap coffee sacks, or our older kids milling around and learning about business. We treat each other as family because we know that good energy from within produces the best results.” Regardless of its brilliant design, Bravura Press Inc. does not aim to be ostentatious, but rather let the results of their products speak for themselves. “We are an unassuming organization with an eagle eye focus on making the best cup of coffee known to man. Every one of us truly enjoys what we do: the creation of Bravura Press, the advancement of specialty coffee, the happiness of the coffee drinker.” What sets Bravura Press Inc. apart from competitors is not just the fact that they achieved a feat that has never been reached, nor the fact that they are the only ones offering a commercial automated high- volume French Press to this day. It is their commitment and dedication to ensuring everyone benefits from their product. “Bravura Press equally benefits the owner, the operator, and the coffee customer. It is a business of benefit and makes coffee lovers very happy.” There is no doubt that Bravura Press Inc. is deserving of the title Best Coffee Brewer Manufacturing Company-USA, and as Julie herself puts it, “If you believe in your product and think it solves a problem or makes something better, find a way to make it work.” And Bravura Press Inc. certainly did just that. Company: Bravura Press, Inc. Contact: Julie Spitzley Website: