Food & Drink Awards 2020

Page 48 LUX 2020 Food & Drink Awards Renowned for its ambience and high-quality products, Chopsticks is widely considered a must visit restaurant for tourists. Going into further detail, Matthew provides us with a brief overview of the restaurant and offers more insight into the type of clients with whom the business work with. “Chopsticks, in the heart of the Hanoi Old Quarter is a modern Asian restaurant with an award winning modern and sleek design, which celebrates the very best of Vietnamese culture in a modern environment. The majority of our clients tend to be a healthy mixture of Vietnamese professionals, expats, and tourists, however we are always looking to expand our client base if we can.” In the vibrant city of Hanoi, the hospitality industry is very competitive and with several Asian-Fusion restaurants, the business is always looking at the ways to ensure only the best food and beverages are served, as Matthew explains further. “From our own hand selected Vietnamese Robusta/Arabica coffee blend to our own beer we offer a range of beverages. Through expert brewing in a top local craft brewery, we are prepared to match anyone for traditional Vietnamese fresh beer. Everything is thought through in a way that celebrates the best parts of Vietnamese culture and cuisine. For example, we teach our clients a traditional Vietnamese cheer and, in the past, (Pre COVID-19), we were the first restaurant in Hanoi to offer a theatre and a dine meal in the Set in the heart of Hanoi, Chopsticks is a gourmet Asian-Fusion restaurant, celebrating the very best in Vietnamese flavours. Having recently been recognised in LUXlife’s Food & Drink Awards 2020, we touched base with Matthew Lowe to find out more about Chopsticks to discover how they have established a reputation in Hanoi for being one of the best Asian-fusion restaurants in the area. Sep20725 Chopsticks Best Asian-Fusion Restaurant - Hanoi iconic Hanoi Opera House. After a meal, we even give out our own infused coconut rice wine. “Furthermore, maintaining strong business relationships with high-quality partners is also key, after all we want to ensure everything we do supports our brand, including the quality of food, drinks, tables, toilets, marketing, and staff.” The outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year has resulted in 2020 being a very difficult year for businesses, particularly those working in the hospitality industry. Moreover, as Matthew goes on to explain, in response to the pandemic the business had to adapt its ways in order to continue with its operations. “Currently due to COVID, tourists are not allowed to enter Vietnam, with the borders closed. This of course meant that we had to adjust our direction in order to target the local market. First launching our own delivery brand (Great Wall) which specialises in western Chinese food, we have since opened a physical location and we have received incredible recognition and support. The successful launch has encouraged us further as we are currently preparing for another location under that brand.” Regarding recruitment, the business typically look for ambitious and career-driven people and as Matthew explains further, it is more than happy to support individuals with their personal goals while working for the company. “During our interview process, we ask people about their dreams. With five former staff members going on to open their own businesses, we encourage people to do something similar. If we can develop them within our restaurants, they will be on the right track. Working amongst a relatively small team, as part of our teambuilding activities we have a sports and social group where once per month we will all go out for karaoke or bowling.” Finally, Matthew draws on his past experiences and discusses what makes a business successful in the Food & Drink industry, before going on to discuss the firm’s future plans. “Over time I have found being consistent, always evolving and working with staff on training and development is very important. This sector never sits still, and I believe evolving, re-investing and moving forward is absolutely essential. “Looking ahead, we will be opening another brand (Chopsteaks), which is a modern steak restaurant. Featuring gold leaf steaks, we believe it will be totally unique to Hanoi. Beyond that we will also be adding two new locations for our other brand, Great Wall.” Company: Chopsticks Contact: Matthew Lowe Web Address: